Decorative coaching: Marine's teenage bedroom

Decorative coaching: Marine's teenage bedroom

Our interior design coach helps readers of. Today, she advises Marine, who wants to optimize the space in her teen's bedroom. If, like Marine, you want advice on how to redecorate a room, you too can try to gain decorative coaching!




** Incorporate touches of New York decoration ** - Place a chrome pendant lamp loft spirit on the ceiling. On the desk, a white articulated lamp provides targeted lighting when you are working. - A large black and white sticker from New York covers the solid side of the wardrobe. Decorative tip: Before positioning it, paint the door in anthracite gray, to create a frame within a frame. - Repaint your office chair in deep taupe: it will fit perfectly into your new world. - Warm your room with a beige carpet and beautiful linen curtains to provide comfort. ** Repaint the room in soft and clear shades ** - You like gray and neutral tones and want a room rather in the New York spirit, I suggest you repaint them. - The wall facing the front door is to be painted in almond green, drawing towards khaki. The other three walls, to stay in light colors and illuminate the room, are to be painted in a pearl gray. Light tip: keep the white ceiling to reflect the light as much as possible. Decorative tip: you can paint the door and window frames in the color of the walls on which they depend.


** Arrange the sleeping area and the office corner ** - A double bed will take up a lot of space in the bedroom: I would rather suggest a single bed to be placed facing the front door, at the corner of the wall. the window. Storage tip: raised, it optimizes storage thanks to drawers. - Place it lengthwise; decorated with cushions during the day, it will serve as an extra sofa. - On the wall to the right of the front door, a wall shelf desk, to be fixed to the wall, optimizes the space with modernity and elegance. ** Optimize storage ** - To keep your room airy and tidy, clear the floor as much as possible and use the walls for storage. - Facing the front door, a large bookshelf shelters your books and your trinkets. - Next to it, 3 rectangular metal shelves for the New York touch, allow you to store your personal items and an auxiliary light. Decorative tip: Give the shelves a decorative dimension by painting the wall squares at the back in khaki. - Immediately on entering, on the left and at the corner of the wardrobe, a bookshelf on a stand serves as storage. - A mannequin welcomes your clothes at the entrance of your room.