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Country weddings: 10 ideas for table decoration

Country weddings: 10 ideas for table decoration

When the bride is a beauty of the fields, the table decoration is natural, light, simple and poetic. Here are 10 ideas to show us the beauty of love when it is in the meadow…

Mixed decor

Ikéa A large buffet set up in the great outdoors. But not just any buffet! This one is a nice nod to life for two: a pink side for the bride, a blue side for her husband…

Veiled decoration

Ikéa Above the festive table playing it chic with ease, we lifted the veil. The idea: protect it from the wind breeze and charm it twice as much.

Chic country decor

Fly Vichy checkered plates, a country bouquet, a raw wooden table. The subtlety of certain biases alone creates the beautiful inspiration of the fields ... Favorite.

White decor

Blanc des Vosges Yes, the country style can be chic! By dressing it in immaculate white at will, matching the dress of the bride, the bet is raised.

Floral decoration

Ikea To give height to the country style, a long textile dotted with large flowers has settled between the interior and the garden. A good introduction to the dining area of ​​the festivities…

Poetic decoration

Ikea An outdoor wedding dinner, that's natural romanticism! And if it is lit with soft, poetic and intimate lighting, it's even better…

Field flowers decoration

Linum The country decor, right down to the plate! Inside it, a gazpacho wearing pretty flowers gives us a fine demonstration.

Plant decoration

Ikéa Sometimes it is enough to green a chic table setting to sow a natural and rustic note. The proof with these chairs dressed in ivy!

Natural decor

Ikéa White tablecloths over tablecloths with plant motifs, and that's how to breathe a little natural note into the meal tables ...