20 DIY for a princess birthday

20 DIY for a princess birthday

This year, it's decided, the theme of your little girl's birthday will be "the world of princesses". A great idea which of course announces crowns, wands, sequins, pink tulle and life-size castle! Need a little help to help you prepare everything? Follow the guide !

Customized glasses

Gatherings Magnificent these glasses which were for the occasion covered with glitter. To make them, you will not have to stick the bottom of the glass using a brush and sprinkle gently with the glitter. * Source: Gatherings *

Star toppers

The Pretty Blog To make your cupcakes party too, plant cute pastel or glitter star decorations in them. * Source: The Pretty Blog *

A princess wand

CatchMyParty Want to make this wand for your little princess? Start by covering a wooden stick with a glittery purple masking tape while attaching a small ring to one of the ends. Then fix your different ribbons. * Source: CatchMyParty *

A tissue paper decoration

Linen Lace and Love A glue gun, string, a pair of scissors, tissue paper ... Here is everything you need to make this pretty princess decoration. We let you discover the tutorial! * Source: Linen Lace and Love *

A frog that turns into a prince

One Charming Party Here's a great idea for entertainment! Blindfolded, the little princesses of the party must kiss the frog's mouth and maybe see her transform into a prince! * Source: One Charming Party *

A little cardboard pony

A Subtle Revelry Want to customize your birthday treats on the princess theme? So print these cute little ponies and plant them everywhere! * Source: A Subtle Revelry *

A felt baguette

Lu Bird Baby Using strong glue, assemble several colored felt stars and fix the whole on a wooden handle. Your little one will love it! * Source: Lu Bird Baby *

A cardboard princess castle

Rambling Renovators To make your little girl's party as successful as possible, make her a life-size princess castle in which she can have fun with her friends all afternoon! * Source: Rambling Renovators *

Glitter balloons

Sisters Suitcase Kings of the party, the balloons dress in sequins for the occasion. A beautiful idea easy to carry out for all occasions! * Source: Sisters Suitcase *

A castle-pinata

Maker Mama Once the structure of your chateau-pinata has been assembled with cardboard, add all around the pink crepe paper clippings. The result is amazing ! * Source: Maker Mama *

A tulle bow

CatchMyParty To decorate all the chairs for your reception, add big pink tulle bows! A real princess decor! * Source: CatchMyParty *

A star-shaped wand

DIY Bym Cut out the template for the stars in cardboard, cover them with pretty paper, glue the ribbons and the handle and admire your magnificent princess wand! * Source: DIY Bym *

A carpet worthy of Jasmine

Hostess with the Mostess Here we are, in the twinkling of an eye, immersed in the heart of the Aladin cartoon with this famous homemade magic carpet. Want to get started ? So follow the tutorial below carefully! * Source: Hostess with the Mostess *

A fairytale hat

At Subtle Revelry Magnificent this princess hat, can't you find? To offer the same to your little girl, start by winding a spool of pink string on a cardboard birthday hat and then slip the result into a bucket of liquid fabric stiffener. Let dry overnight, remove the cardboard hat, and admire the result! * Source: A Subtle Revelry *

A small glittery cone

A Subtle Revelry If your little girl wants to make her princess hat with you, here is an easily achievable model. We love its pretty glittery blue color that changes from the traditional pink. * Source: A Subtle Revelry *

Sugar decorations in the theme

Sugar Siren To decorate your delicious cupcakes, you can also add some sugar treats on the theme of the princess birthday: a star baquette or a glass shoe. * Source: Sugar Siren *

A wand as an invitation

A Belle Design A star covered with glitter, a wooden handle, and the small information box tied to the set, this is an invitation that will not go unnoticed! * Source: A Belle Design *

A princess cardboard crown

PLT Market Too easy to make this princess crown in golden glitter paper! A small ribbon to fix it, and voila! * Source: PLT Market *

A princess invitation

The Busy Budgeting Mama Once all the decor elements are well thought out, move on to making the invitations! A pretty colorful castle will be perfect! * Source: The Busy Budgeting Mama *