The same for less: a designer chair

The same for less: a designer chair

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A designer chair? You dream of it but the price sometimes makes you give up. has the solution: the same for less! Because some large furniture brands do not hesitate to take inspiration from your favorite models to offer you cheaper versions. It's up to you to choose between the original or the inspiration.

La Marie Kartell chair 208 euros / Hypnotic Conforama chair 39.90 euros

Kartell / Conforama In a designer atmosphere, the transparent Kartell chairs signed Starck have become a classic. But when you want at least six, you can also opt for a plexi model from Conforama.

Fermob 1900 chair 175 euros / Castorama Flores chair 29.99 euros

Fermob / Castorama Fermob has been decorating chic gardens for a long time and we appreciate both the quality and the style of these chairs. But we can also find the romantic spirit of Fermob at Castorama.

Gubi Chair 216 euros / Diamante Fly Chair 99 euros

Gubi / Fly What we like with the Gubi chair is its original base which revisits the rocking chair in a fixed version. And to save money, we can also prefer Fly chairs which use this principle.

Fritz Hansen Grand Prix Chair 385 euros / Conforama Cargo Chair 49.90 euros

Hansen / Conforama Essential for design, this chair signed Fritz Hansen presents an original file. And if you are looking for an original chair at a lower price, you will find this spirit at Conforama.

11 Navy Chair Emeco Chair 310 euros / Cadiz Conforama Chair 29.90 euros

Emeco / Conforama Do you like the classic and refined shape of the Navy chair? To recapture this spirit in your dining room, Conforama takes the form of this design icon.

Thalya Kartell chair 189 euros / Xena Fly chair 99 euros

Kartell / Fly A pop chair with clean lines and a beautiful color that will give a boost to the house? You can choose between the Kartell model or the Fly model to save some money.

1-2-3 Chair Panton 1973 Verpan 930 euros / Virage But Chair 119 euros

Verpan / But If the lines of the Verpan chair catch your eye, know that the Virage model by But takes up the spirit while offering you a more affordable price.