20 high-end kitchen islands

20 high-end kitchen islands

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Having become a staple of our kitchens, the island seduces us with the multiple forms it adopts and the different uses it offers. Cooking or dining space, useful storage or water point, the central island alone makes our kitchens practical and friendly. Discover twenty islands as functional as they are design.

The art of combining cuisine and living space

SieMatic Formerly dedicated to the preparation of meals, the kitchen is today the heart of modern homes: a space where the boundaries between functional and aesthetic are blurring. In continuation of this trend, SieMatic has imagined a new island concept called SE8008 combining aesthetics of character with a system of modular panels and shelves to create a smooth transition between rooms and their functions.


Valcucine Favorite for the Artematica Vitrum Arte kitchen island by Valcucine. The Italian kitchen designer has developed a technique for making inlaid designs on glass. A highly technological process that has its roots in the craft tradition, highlighting the invaluable value of manual labor. Personalized with designs created by young articles, the Valcucine island offers you the opportunity to give free rein to your imagination. Attempted ?


Valcucine High technology, formal simplicity, pure and sober lines: these are the characteristics of this innovative central island. This one is distinguished by a sinuous line, creating a play of concavity and convexity which facilitates an ergonomic use of the part. The Curved Artematica island consists of a structural aluminum frame to which different types of panels are applied, available in various materials: lacquered MDF, glass, steel. This system favors a reduction in its weight with, consequently, a longer duration of the hinges, a quieter closing, an easier recyclability as well as a lower impact on the environment.

Sophisticated simplicity

Poggenpohl Filiform worktops, fronts without handles and clean lines are what characterize + Segmento. The refined, elegant and unique effect kicks off a limitless creative space. A style that will certainly appeal to lovers of clean lines.


Valcucine With its clean lines and functional organization, the Artematica kitchen island allows its user to satisfy all these desires, from the most eccentric to the most classic. Designed in glass, the model is available in many colors: earth yellow, red, cloud white and meadow green in particular.


Leicht The color turmeric is omnipresent in retro decoration. Strong and warm, the mustard yellow of the Tocco kitchen island from the Leicht brand brings freshness and renewal in this immaculate kitchen, without handles and with discreet decorative elements.


Bulthaup Lovers of minimalism, let yourself be seduced by this very design plywood monoblock in oak with horizontal veins. The stainless steel worktop is firmly in line with the minimalist layout of Bulthaup b3. Depending on the location, it can be used as an island, with or without a rear wall, as a semi-island or in front of a wall.


Bulthaup For a warm and natural atmosphere in the kitchen, the Bulthaup solid oak kitchen island is for you. Equipped with a stainless steel worktop, this is completed by a wide row of half-height cupboards which can accommodate electrical equipment, providing ample storage space.

One in one

Poggenpohl The + MODO model by Poggenpohl creates a particularly attractive kitchen thanks to the interaction of open and closed spaces. Below, the sliding trays constitute exhibition surfaces for porcelain, stock pots or glassware. A sense of accessibility and openness that invites you to exercise your creativity.

The island: centerpiece of contemporary cuisine

Arclinea Convivium defines itself as an open space, where the kitchen becomes an organization and where the solutions are designed according to the room intended to accommodate them. In the island layout, it becomes a relational center between the person who cooks and the guests. Available in matt and glossy lacquered finishes, in wood, Solid Ray or stainless steel the doors are made with an exclusive design and production techniques, in single material. Bonus, the island includes a five-burner hob and cast iron grates, a professional sink with a bin, a trash can in line with the plan.

Back to basics

Valcucine In recent years, the trend has been a return to the sources and greater simplicity. Faced with this craze, Valcunine created the Noce Tattile kitchen, which through the material of the walnut wood and the tactility of the surfaces, reverses the sanitized trend.


Poggenpohl Halfway between the bar and the central island, the + Edition collection offers a selection of frame styles ranging from the most traditional with milled and rounded edges to the most contemporary with a more defined and more refined appearance. A wide range of styles suitable for all homes and all types of decoration. It can also be adorned with innovative accessories: waste bin, universal slicer, internal sliding drawers in particular.

When the culture of design mixes with the culture of food

Arclinea Composed of an XXL kitchen island, the Italia concept is completed on one side by a wall of storage units incorporating ovens and a refrigerator and on the other, by a fun space dedicated to drinks. Gorgeous !

Low floating furniture

Leicht Light wood, clean forms, the Classic FS Topos kitchen island imagined by Leicht creates an atmosphere of softness and serenity. Its ceramic worktop with its soft and matt surfaces brings a touch of modernity to this Scandinavian style island.


Lineaquattro With its quartz worktop, its cooking piano and its wall of low columns, this geometric and graphic worktop will easily find its place in a family kitchen.

The alliance of stone and wood

Arclinea Dedicated to stone and wood, the Lignum et Tapis collection highlights the aesthetics of storage: larch doors, Nordic oak and Carrara marble, mahogany for an overflow worktop. We crack!

The art of camouflage

Valcucine To remove the appearance of a simple workspace in the kitchen, Valcucine has imagined pure single-material blocks in acrylic resin, glass or stainless steel. Here, the island has a system that hides the hob, sink, faucet and ovens, enhancing the formal cleanliness of the arrangement which, by masking all the functional elements, becomes a pure domestic architecture.

Scandinavian inspiration

Valcucine With its pure lines, its minimalist design, its wooden facades and a few orange touches, this central island has it all. Designed in XXL version, it will appeal to lovers of Scandinavian style looking for a practical and friendly work plan.


Arclinea Designed in steel, this elegant kitchen is distinguished by its two peninsulas arranged at each corner of the room. The cold material is warmed up here by decorative objects that effectively punctuate the shelves and open niches.