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Green hotels: 10 ideas to steal from them!

Green hotels: 10 ideas to steal from them!

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Looking for ideas to perfect your green resolutions? The editorial staff take you to draw inspiration from the eco-friendly hotels in France. Green buildings, local restaurants, organic gardens and water savings ... If there is no "Planet B", there are, however, some great ideas to steal from eco-hotels to live greener!

A window open to nature

La Clairière This room located on the edge of a majestic forest with the air of fairy tales opens onto the green landscapes of the Alsatian lands. The combination of wood and colors is combined with natural latex, cotton and organic wool bedding to guarantee guests an eco-friendly sleep in the heart of the Vosges.

An eco-friendly hotel right at the end of the range!

La Clairière At La Clairière, nature goes on the plate ... Vegan menu, energizing cuisine, "balance" program, detox cure, dishes inspired by Ayurvedic dietetics and seasonal organic products set the tone for the cuisine. Would you like some organic French wine to accompany your mustard and sesame swordfish semi-cooked?

The charm of organic vegetable gardens

La Grée des Landes We continue our ecological stroll in the alleys of the vegetable garden of the eco-hotel La Grée des Landes. The perfect place to take the pulse of nature and extract what it has to offer when it is ready to do so. Fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs make up a pretty regional postcard to make gastronomy and ecology rhyme in the heart of the garden!

A lobby like a fad… eco-design!

Hôtel Le Morgane At Le Morgane boutique hotel, we focus on eco-design. Natural materials such as wood, stone and granite, produced using methods that respect the environment, echo the Mont-Blanc massif which spreads its mountain range all around. The proof that contemporary and ecological styles can get along perfectly!

An ecological… and economical hotel room!

Solar Hôtel A hotel that combines ecology and economy, in the heart of Paris and its 100% urban environment: impossible? This room at the Solar hotel shows you that not! Natural materials, recycled furniture, natural paint and low-consumption light bulbs campaign for respect for ecology and nature.

Urban garden and green transport

Solar Hôtel We take a break at the Solar hotel to enjoy a non-polluting stroll in the French capital. Here, free bikes are available to customers and the garden allows you to enjoy a sunbathing ... or rain that is collected in passing for watering plants, feeding toilets or washing the sidewalk .

A green hotel bathroom

Solar Hôtel Don't you see the connection between this bathroom and the environment? See rather: here, the taps of showers and sinks are equipped with water savers, the flushes have a flow of less than 6 liters, the cleaning products are biodegradable and the cosmetics offered are natural and without packaging useless. When is the same in your bathroom?

Thermostatic mixing valves to save water

The Citizen Hotel To combine a good conscience and a good stay, the bathrooms of the Citizen Hotel in Paris are equipped with thermostatic mixers that allow you to regulate and maintain the flow and temperature of the water ... saving energy!

Ecology is galloping

Mas de la Grenouillère Not far from Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, Mas de la Grenouillère makes the heart of nature beat in the center of the Camargue Regional Park. The proof with these stables equipped with photovoltaic solar panels. Enough to run the ecology at full gallop!