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10 Best-Of models from Comera Kitchens

10 Best-Of models from Comera Kitchens

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The Comera Kitchens brand offers many models to tailor your room to measure. With 26 kitchens available, spacious or narrower surfaces and as many different colors and styles, you are bound to find what you are looking for! Overview.

Chic monochrome cuisine

Comera Kitchens If you like two-tone pieces, the "Clay" model from Comera is for you! Depending on the lighting of the room and the natural light, the colors will change. To be preferred in a well-lit room, therefore. The little extra? The box, where the color is extended, for visual harmony down to the smallest detail.

A very elegant work plan

Comera Cuisines Who said you can't eat in the kitchen? With the "Passion" model, Comera plays on contrasts. The orange glass worktop indicates graphite gray lacquered facades. The snack part acts as an extension of the latter.

A smooth surface always impeccable

Comera Kitchens This "Vision" model plays on geometric lines and light, to offer you plenty of storage space, smooth and without handle. Automatically, it gives a feeling of sharpness!

For those nostalgic for school!

Comera Kitchens If you like a slightly vintage or raw style, the "Viva" model will allow you to find a workshop atmosphere, thanks to its wooden and black matt elements. Add a slate board to list your races or describe your next recipe and voila!

Dare the colors!

Comera Kitchens Finished the interiors, with the "Glossy" model, the kitchen is a room in its own right, which is not hidden behind overly bland tones. Its matt orange electric laminate finish gives it a graphic and colorful touch, which can be found in the niche, on tall furniture and on cupboards in the middle.

An immaculate, ultra modern kitchen

Comera Kitchens The "Kiss" model combines purity of lines and design. The element painted in duck blue brings a touch of originality to this devilishly chic set.

A raw formwork kitchen!

Comera Kitchens Comera Kitchens dares raw style with the "Nova Techno" model, which mixes concrete, stainless steel and wood. Functional thanks to its L-shaped worktop delimiting the cooking and washing zones, the latter also makes it possible to delimit the kitchen space which is located in a fully open living room.

A family kitchen for young and old

Comera Kitchens For large families, this "Escale Brodway" model is ideal! The kitchen is open in L to allow everyone to circulate. It plays on the height of the elements and on different materials, to create an interesting contrast, while guaranteeing real functionality in storage.

Pop and retro style!

Comera Kitchens Watch your eyes! The "Pop" model by Comera Kitchens gives a dynamic to the room, thanks to its duo of colors: white and anise green. What boost your kitchen in the blink of an eye!