10 inspirations to create my Lego decor

10 inspirations to create my Lego decor

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Want to give a fun and quirky touch to your decor? The editorial team has selected for you 10 colorful inspirations, featuring the colorful little bricks of our childhood. And yes, today Lego is no longer confined to children's rooms and invites itself to the office, in the kitchen, in the living room, in the entrance, and even takes over our streets. Demonstration!

Decorative frames with Lego characters

Ivan Cullen Straight out of the vivid imagination of London creator Ivan Cullen, these decorative frames feature characters from Star Wars in Lego. We love ! Source: Ivan Cullen

An apartment revamped with Legos

Architecture and design agency I-Beam Des Legos as if it were raining. Signed by the New York architecture and design agency I-Beam, the decoration of this New York apartment gives pride of place to Legos: proof with this banister made with thousands of small colored bricks. Source: I-Beam Architecture and Design Agency

A kitchen counter covered with Legos

Hervé Goluza In this kitchen, the Parisian designer duo, made up of Simon Pillard and Philippe Rosetti, opted for a regressive design at will by customizing this kitchen counter. In total, 20,000 pieces of Legos were required to create this unique kitchen. Source: Architurn

A Lego key cabinet

Felix Grauer Imagined by the German designer Felix Grauer, this key cabinet was made only from mini-Legos. Amazing, right? Source: Felix Grauer

A decorative candle holder in Lego

Wille Studio Ultra deco, this Scandinavian-style candle holder was imagined by Wille Studio, a Danish design studio. Openwork, this handmade candle holder will let a soft dim light filter through. Source: Wille Studio

A fun Do It Yourself Lego spirit

Blog: Estefi Machado Are you looking for how to amaze your toddlers, Legos fan? Nothing could be simpler, follow this very easy Do It Yourself, and give life to playful pencil pots with the image of their favorite toys. Source: Estefi Machado

A Do It Yourself cutlery tray in Lego

Lisbet Spörndly Lego also has its place in the kitchen. The proof with this Do It Yourself cutlery tray, made of Legos skilfully stacked on top of each other. Source: Lisbet Spörndly

A credenza in Legos

Blog: Le Bazar Marseillais To give a touch of pep to the decor of her kitchen, the blogger of the Bazar Marseillais embellished her splashback with colored bricks, stacked randomly for an ever more decorative look, do you like? Source: Le Bazar Marseillais

Street art legos

Street art: Dispatchwork Finally, know that Legos are also found in the street. The proof with Dispatchwork, the street art project launched by the German urban artist, Jan Vormann. The goal ? Fill spaces, holes in walls and streets, public buildings and private houses using Legos. A surprising result to say the least! Source: Dispatchwork


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