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Children's garden furniture: our 2016 summer selection

Children's garden furniture: our 2016 summer selection

Who says return of the beautiful days, says moments of relaxation in family, in the garden, on the terrace or on the balcony. And to enjoy the sun and bask, kids are also entitled to their outdoor decorative furniture: chair, bench, chilean, pouffe, armchair, hammock, and even picnic table reserving a nice surprise ... browse our selection of furniture garden for toddlers and get inspired!

An ottoman like the grownups!

Woouf To be able to read, play or take a nap, this ottoman in the shape of an ice cream will delight your children! It can be used sitting or lying down, that's why you can place them on a terrace, on the lawn or by the pool. Price: 125.50 euros

Children's picnic

Jardiland Whether you are on a beach vacation or in the countryside, this children's picnic table will be your best ally. Colorful and practical, it allows your toddlers to have a snack with their friends… away from adults! Price: 65 euros

Have an ingenious sandbox

Castorama This sandbox has been very well thought out since it has two benches that fold down to transform into a cover and not lose the sand. The little extra? You can build seated sandcastles next to your child. Price: 69.90 euros

A trailer in the garden

Leroy Merlin This wooden cabin for children in the shape of a trailer is the beginning of many stories. Place it in your garden and treat yourself to a moment of relaxation while your children play in the shade. Isn't life beautiful? Price: 699 euros

A two in one seat

Chicco If you have small children, choose this two-in-one seat from the Chicco brand. Your baby will be able to lie down there but also sit down if you raise the backrest. Something to take a nap on the terrace while you have a drink with friends. Price: 50 euros

A little cocoon in the garden

Gifi These nesters (Kids collection) are very light and foldable, which offers the advantage of being able to install them everywhere. These colorful chairs will bring a little good humor on a patio or in your garden. And we bet you that your children will fall asleep there like babies! Price: 15 euros

Install a real cabin

Forest Style Forget the imaginary tree house and give your toddler a real cottage on stilts. Install it under a tree preferably for your children to play in the shade and give free rein to their imagination. Price: 399 euros

Unbreakable furniture

Ikea For the little ones (and the most daredevils), choose plastic garden furniture that is not afraid of shocks or water! This small Ikea set (reference Mammut) exists in different colors and is not ready to break. Price: 6.99 euros per stool, 9.99 euros per chair and 29.95 euros per table

A teepee as in cartoons

Nobodinoz This is something to keep your children busy for a good part of the summer. These pretty pastel-colored teepees can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Whether it is to read, nap, taste or play, they are not ready to tire your toddlers. Price: 54.95 euros for the small model and 139.95 euros for the large one

Children also have their own house

Leroy Merlin To play merchant, mom or cook, it's still more practical to have your wooden hut. The advantage of this Leroy Merlin wooden playhouse is that you can paint it as you see fit, and of course, involve your children. Price: 299 euros

Learn to garden from an early age

Smoby If you want to make your little girl or your little boy aware of the nature and importance of plants, give him this colorful gardening table to plant his first flowers. This time, he will have the right to put his hands in the ground! Price: from 51 euros

Fall for a mini lounge chair

Gifi This model of candy pink Chilean chair is to eat! It will bring color to your outdoor space and allow your child to be like the grown-ups. Be careful, however, to protect it well with sunscreen or to place the lounge chair in the shade. The little extra? It can be put in three positions. Price: 12 euros

Colorful chairs

Jardiland This range of garden furniture for children combines design, colors and practicality. What could be better ? All you have to do is find the ideal spot to install them and prepare a snack and refreshments for your children. Price: 25 euros each

An ottoman to create a cocooning corner

Nobodinoz Because children spend a lot of money, and especially in summer, do not forget to create a little corner more conducive to relaxation and napping. In the garden, put floor cushions, deckchairs and a soft beanbag (reference Taupe Marrakech) so that your toddler can rest. Price: 59.95 euros each

To taste the children

Etikolo If you are used to inviting your neighbors' children to play in your garden or to regularly receive small children at your home, fall for this hexagonal solid pine picnic table. It will resist very well outside and will simplify your life at the time of the snack. Price: 171.50 euros

Rattan furniture

Jardiland Just because you set up a garden furniture for children does not mean that it should not be built in noble materials. The proof, these colorful rattan chairs are as practical as they are aesthetic. Price: 55 euros each

A playground worthy of kindergartens

Soulet Attention, you will make people happy! If your children are old enough, keep them occupied in the afternoons with this complete play area, which consists of a slide, an upholstered frame and several adjustable swings. The only obligation is to have a large garden. Price: 899 euros

The sandbox, pocket version

Forest Style If you do not have a very large garden, you can acquire this small sandbox so that your children can play without you taking your eyes off them. It only remains to provide them with a bucket, rake, watering can and other plastic shovel! Price: 99 euros

A chair worthy of parents

Ikea Why shouldn't children have the right to their own adult chairs? This Lömsk armchair swivels and has sun protection so that the little ones can take a nap in the garden. Price: 65 euros