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Chez Céline and Boris: the love of beautiful vintage pieces

Chez Céline and Boris: the love of beautiful vintage pieces

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This 85 m2 apartment reflects Céline and Boris' love for beautiful old pieces. Boris is a second-hand dealer and it is therefore quite natural that he likes to bring to life the trinkets in his interior for which he has a crush. Here more than elsewhere objects have a soul. Everyone has their place, finds their place. When Céline and Boris bought this property they did not do any work because the space suited them perfectly, they just sprayed to refresh and then took possession of the premises. They immediately appreciated the layout of the lounge, its beautiful openings, its Haussmannian character and its imposing marble fireplaces.

The Danish armchair by Boris

Cloporte Boris had a real crush on this Danish armchair from the early 60s. At first he put it in the hallway to the sideboard but he thought it was not highlighted enough. He therefore moved it to one of the living room windows towards the entrance to the office where he immediately played his role. It brings a real touch of originality and character to the living room.

The office and its glass roof

Cloporte The glass office existed when Boris and Céline took possession of the premises. The previous owner (a scenographer) working from home and had therefore arranged his workspace in this bright room. It is also the place where discs and turntables are stored. On the ceiling there is a favorite of Boris: a designer pendant lamp from the 50s found at Isle sur la Sorgue.

Country-style cuisine

Cloporte This kitchen gives the impression of a holiday home with its collections of old bottles of seltzer water and its ladies jeannes. There too everything was like that when the couple moved in, nothing was changed except the decoration and the layout. All the furniture has been found and / or recovered and restored by Boris.

Vintage details in the kitchen

Cloporte The splashback of red dressed gives a very pleasant charm to this beautiful warm kitchen. On the wall hang canvases from various sources, some were painted by Boris (tomatoes for example), the still life with bottles is by Gaspart.

The headboard in the bedroom of Boris and Céline

Cloporte The room is also very bright, here the objects are less present, the decoration is more stripped down. The flagship element of this room is the headboard made up of period library doors. These have been restored by Boris.

The fireplace

Cloporte In the bedroom a magnificent fireplace accentuates the cocooning side of the room. The light is soft and diffuses through simple curtains. An old mirror was found and restored by Boris.

Buffet furniture

Cloporte The 50's-60's Mad Men atmosphere is very present in the apartment, whether through the trinkets and the choice of furniture. This buffet completes this so chic atmosphere.

The bust on the chimney

Woodlice On the marble fireplace in the Boris office, he placed a bust to which he is particularly attached. It is a plaster from the Louvre Museum.

Focus on office details

Cloporte The desk is made of an Ikea worktop on trestles. On the latter we find a lot of details revealing the personality of Boris, a resolutely rock'n'roll personality: the cover of the first issue of Fluide Glacial, legendary concert tickets like that of Nirvana.

Collection of bottles in the kitchen

Cloporte Close-up on the pretty collection of bottles in the kitchen of the apartment.

Pouet Pouet toys in the guest room

Cloporte Boris loves vintage toys and particularly this small collection of rubber toys from the 50s with their small integrated whistle. The quirky and cartoony side of the characters is very fun. These are very beautiful decorative objects.

Detail in the living room

Cloporte Another focus on one of the chimneys of the apartment and more particularly of the living room. The rattan chair was mottled. The original parquet is in total agreement with the Haussmann style of the living room.

The nude

Cloporte In the office, our eyes are immediately drawn to the delicate curves of this pretty long nude. This canvas was unearthed by Boris at the home of an old lady who separated from many works from the 19th century. This nude was painted by the old lady's mom.


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