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Automatic watering in pictures

Automatic watering in pictures

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To go on vacation without being afraid that the garden will dry out, the golden solution is automatic watering systems. Here are two in pictures, guaranteeing optimal irrigation of your outdoor greenery without any effort!

Automatic watering

Hozelock ** The Aquapod watering system from Hozelock is an automatic watering system for a peaceful holiday. It can irrigate up to 10 potted plants. **

Automatic watering

Hozelock ** Another demonstration in pictures of Hozelock automatic watering. With hoses with pressure-regulated drops, this sprinkler system is not only practical, it is also economical! **

Automatic watering

Hozelock ** As you can see, Hozelock's Aquapod automatic watering system is also a discreet system, easy to hide in pots because it is flexible. Everything to preserve flowers and plants from summer drought without distorting the harmony of the garden! **

Automatic watering

Hozelock ** Finally on this automatic device, ideal for going on vacation without worrying about your garden, here it is in its entirety, a kit including a programmer. **


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