When the cushions replace or reinforce the headboard effect

When the cushions replace or reinforce the headboard effect

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The cushions collapse in a herd on the bed to make our reading or TV breaks with feet under the sheets even more fluffy and comfortable. But not only ! If you have a headboard, this is an ideal solution to give it more volume and relief. If you don't have one, here's what to replace it with…

Cushions in trio

Ikéa ### Following each other wisely in single file, two trios of cushions reinvent the headboard effect in order to bring it relief and comfort. The little extra? Alternate their colors to amplify the volume obtained!

Loose cushions

Ikéa ### At the top of the bed, a series of untidy cushions invites you to relax. The more we multiply it, the more we dream of snuggling up there…

Multiple choice cushions

Leroy Merlin ### To underline the majestic style of this room with ethnic accents, cushions of all kinds, in satin, cotton, quilted effect, chocolate color, mocha brown or hot yellow jostle at the top of the bed.

Bulk cushions

Hästens ### In the child's bedroom, a farandole of cushions has taken over the corner of the bed, creating a surprisingly cozy bench seat effect.

Standing cushions

Ikéa ### Here is a clean and well-ordered bedroom where the headboard is no exception to the rule. Indeed, two rows of 3 cushions arranged vertically lean against it to display a very "tidy" look that reminds us of that of hotels.

Cushions on bolster

Blanc des Vosges ### In the absence of a headboard, comfort is not prohibited. The right idea? Lean cushions against a bolster so that they gain height. We will be able to rest our heads there if we feel like reading or working with our feet under the duvet.

Solo cushion, duo cushions

Blanc des Vosges ### Simply made up of cushions, the headboard sees life in triplicate, the whole stylized version. To lean against the wall, Monsieur will therefore have a large cushion, Madame, two identical but smaller models. Or how to play on the aesthetics and the depth of the sleeping corner.

Duo cushions

Ikéa ### Lined by a pair of cushions, the headboard gains in comfort to the delight of its owners.

Cottony cushions

Society ### Here, 4 soft rectangular cushions serve as cocooning headboards.


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