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Small spaces: make room for two

Small spaces: make room for two

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In the world of small spaces that we share as a couple, it is advisable to multiply the tricks not to tread on your feet and so that everyone finds there a little of their intimacy. Demonstration.

A headboard, 2 backrests

Ikéa ### The headboard sees life twice. Everyone has their own file! Ideal for indulging in a reading or TV break without disturbing the other.

Long live the blinds!

Leroy Merlin ### When the 2 teens share the same room, nothing like delimiting it with blinds fixed in the middle of the ceiling. Thus, everyone finds their share of privacy.

Baby / parents cohabitation

Ikea ### When parents and baby live in the same room, the good idea is to divide the space with a large curtain. Or how to create two distinct spaces in one.

Side by side workspace

Ikéa ### An office for two, unlivable? Not if everyone has their own space with their storage and work items.

Small balcony, large relaxation break

Ikea ### Space on the balcony is limited? Do not panic. As soon as you sit in your chair in the sun, to selfishly indulge in a lazy break, you no longer feel cramped.

Bathroom for 2, shower and bath included

### When the bathroom has a shower and a bathtub, it's the luxury of living together. No need to wait for the gentleman or madam to finish her toilet to do hers!

Individual armchairs

Ikea ### Benches and benches are good, but when you try to take a moment of solitude in the garden, it's average. We therefore favor individual seats: armchairs or deckchairs.