Discover Renée Zellweger's cozy farm in Connecticut

Discover Renée Zellweger's cozy farm in Connecticut

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Purchased by Bridget Jones actress in 2004, The Cotton Tavern is a cozy farm located on the Pomfret farm estate in Connecticut. Put on sale since 2011, this three-storey farmhouse is now estimated at 1.5 million euros. Besides a beautiful plot of approximately 16 hectares, it is the layout of the rooms - a kitchen / dining room and a bedroom on the ground floor, a corridor leading to a second bedroom and a nice bathroom, on the ground floor. floor, but also an impressive barn of 185 m2, converted into an office - and their decoration with a vintage touch, which seduces us. And, as a bonus, Renée Zellweger has given you a big surprise in the garden… Let yourself be guided!

An open kitchen with vintage charm

Genelle Brown On the ground floor, a large open kitchen has been fitted out in a retro style. Between old parquet floors, cooking piano and old-fashioned pots and pans, this is a kitchen that takes you on a journey. You like ?

A rustic-style dining room

Genelle Brown From the open kitchen, you have access to a rustic-style dining room. All dressed in raspberry red, this room has retained its charm of yesteryear: chandelier and old-fashioned wardrobe, vintage wooden furniture and period fireplace.

A first bedroom with garden view

Genelle Brown Always on the ground floor, a first bedroom with a decoration as retro as cozy has been imagined. In addition to exposed beams and period furniture, it is the breathtaking view of the large plot of the farm that makes us fall in love.

Upstairs, a warm corridor

Genelle Brown Let's go upstairs and stop for a moment at the top of the stairs, in the elegant corridor with a warm atmosphere. We sit on the bench, arranged near the window with small panes and admire the view of the field…

A second bedroom with fireplace

Genelle Brown Let's open a first door and let ourselves be charmed by the relaxing atmosphere of the second bedroom of the farmhouse. We can already imagine falling asleep, lulled by the soft crackling of the fire in the fireplace.

An old-fashioned bathroom conducive to relaxation

Genelle Brown At the end of the corridor, there is a large bathroom which invites us to relax. Between bathtub and old-style shower, the most complicated thing will be to choose where to lounge.

An impressive barn converted into an office

Genelle Brown 185 m2, no more, no less. It is the surface of this impressive barn which overlooks the farm over its entire length. Furnished as an office and soberly decorated with light garlands, a heather stove, carpet and a vintage armchair; this space, bathed in light, can easily be transformed into a children's dormitory.

A land where a green nature flourishes

Genelle Brown Built in a real natural setting, Renée Zellweger's farmhouse has a beautiful plot of 16 hectares, on which some outbuildings have been installed.

A big surprise hidden behind the farmhouse

Genelle Brown The icing on the cake: just behind the farm, and well hidden from view, part of the land has been reserved for very VIP use, did you guess? This large expanse of mowed grass is… a landing strip for helicopters!