A touch of black in the bedroom

A touch of black in the bedroom

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Black is the color of elegance and chic, so why not dare it in small touches in the bedroom? Used sparingly, it does not darken the room but above all gives it a little cachet. Here are some inspirations to help you use it tastefully in your bedroom.

A padded end of bed

Maisons du Monde Ideal to install in a large bedroom, the end of the bed allows you to put your clothes on or sit down to put your shoes on. In a contemporary or baroque style bedroom, we put on a black and padded model which gives the room the appearance of a princely suite.

An all black bed

Ikéa What if the black touch of the bedroom was simply the centerpiece: the bed? To create an atmosphere full of warmth, we opt for a wooden model with a large headboard.

Bedside tables

Maisons du Monde To accompany a large black headboard, you can bet on bedside tables of the same color. So that this dark furniture does not darken the room too much, however, choose light bed linen like white or beige or colored like purple.

A wall in a teenage bedroom

Paragraph So that your teenagers can express themselves freely in their bedroom, think of the wall covered with blackboard effect paint. In addition to being playful, it gives a very decorative effect to the room.

A large curtain

Ikea Whether hanging from the windows or above the bed for a four-poster bed effect, the black curtains bring a real chic touch to the bedroom. Combined with gray and white bed linen, they create a very modern degraded style.

Suitcases as bedside tables

Bo Concept Besides the carpet and the black stove in this room, it is especially the accumulation of black suitcases to create a bedside table that catches our attention. A colored metal lamp is placed there to bring a note of cheerfulness.

A padded headboard

La Redoute In a contemporary style room, we bet on a sure bet: the black and white association. To contrast with a clear bed linen, opt for a large black padded headboard, very chic.

A plaid as a unique piece

ikéa In this room with light colors, it is the black plaid that enhances the decor. Only dark touch, it becomes the strong element of the room.

A warm carpet

Ikéa Chic touch of this room which puts on sober colors, a black long pile carpet. It goes perfectly with wooden furniture in light tones.


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