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The blue sofa: new star of the show

The blue sofa: new star of the show

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Trend alert: the blue sofa arrives in the decor! The good news is that with its different shades it adapts to all styles to sublimate your room in an original way. Before adopting a blue sofa, discover in pictures 10 interiors that have given it a nice place.

A blue sofa in a mottled atmosphere

Ikea In this interior, the blue sofa allows to bring a chic and mysterious touch thanks to a deep nuance accentuated by the effect of textile material. It is therefore ideal in a mottled atmosphere or cabinet of curiosities.

A contemporary blue sofa

Ikea In this living room, the blue sofa brings a touch of color while keeping the contemporary style of the room. We like its soft color enhanced by more intense cushions in blue and purple.

A classic blue sofa

Maisons du monde Know that in a classic interior, blue is also suitable. We then opt for an elegant duck blue supported by a velvet fabric. We like to associate it with gray for a chic and enveloping atmosphere.

A raw blue sofa

La Redoute In an interior with more industrial lines, the blue sofa will be chosen in a rougher version with a textile like linen which will adopt an almost "jean" shade.

A blue sofa for a chic interior

La Redoute In this large living room, the almost night blue sofa gives an elegant note to the decor. It is then the starting point for the rest of the decor which declines blue in a successful monochrome.

A retro blue sofa

Maisons du monde Place in a retro atmosphere with a 50s bench which is dressed in a light blue which will go perfectly with touches of yellow to set the scene.

A feminine blue sofa

Fly In this very soft living room, the blue sofa harmonizes perfectly with a fairly feminine decor. For this, we opt for a contemporary model that we choose in a turquoise tone.

A graphic blue sofa

Fly For an original style in a designer interior, you can also bet on a sofa that displays several blues like this model of different colors which even displays stripes.

A designer blue sofa

Fly In a design atmosphere, a blue sofa will allow you to bring a touch of color without distorting the style. Note that blue will go perfectly with black.