The flowers of the mountain pastures

The flowers of the mountain pastures

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** It's summer… and holidays! In any case for some who can take advantage of the beautiful season to take on the summits and breathe the fresh mountain air. And when we walk on the trails, clean air is not the only pleasure that is offered to us. You can also let yourself be charmed by the vast panoramas, the discovery of wild fauna ... and that of flora. The latter is so beautiful and so varied at this season that we cannot fail to admire it: there the large flowering scape of yellow arnica stands out on the pastures, here a bouquet of violets almost flourishes under our feet , further on it is the star-shaped ceramist that we admire for its ability to grow in the smallest crevice of a rock. Let’s put on our hiking shoes and take a closer look. **

The flowers of the Arnica mountain pastures

A. Baudry When arnica ignites pastures ... So pleasant to look at, this flower is also more than precious for the experienced hiker whose backpack often contains tablets or cream ... made from arnica. This alpine flower is indeed renowned for its effectiveness in the care of hematomas and small traumas.

The flowers of the orange hawkweed meadows

A. Baudry Here is the orange hawkweed, whose luminous bloom, almost fire-colored, cannot fail to attract the eye. Complacent, it is satisfied with poor and dry soils, and once installed it occupies the ground to the point that no more plant can compete with it. If you want to contain the progression of this perennial, fight hard with it, cutting the seeds before they are sown.

The flowers of the gentian mountain pastures

A. Baudry In the pastures, this great lady does not go unnoticed. Its large flowering stalk slices on the short grass. Gentian gentian takes almost ten years to flower. It is not, however, its flower that is sought after, but its root from which a bitter liquor is drawn which stimulates appetite and digestion.

The flowers of the purple mountain pastures

A. Baudry Symbol of love, it suffices to meet the gaze of a violet to no longer be able to unhook it. And when, in summer, it punctuates the meadow with clusters of purple flowers with a yellow heart, the effect is increased tenfold. On the pretext of taking a well-deserved rest, we lie down in the pasture just the pleasure of contemplating this pretty Sudeten violet.

The flowers of the benoite mountain pastures

A. Baudry What is this strange flower ...? Strange and rightly so, because it is not a flower, but a fruit, that of the mountain benedict. The pretty, tangy yellow flower that blooms from May to July is followed by this astonishing feathery scape, which one would nevertheless take readily for a flower.

The flowers of the mountain centaur meadows

A. Baudry The mountain centaury is also called mountain blueberry. Its flowering is lasting, and extends from April to August. Its heart is pink and bordered with black, its ends blue and finely chiseled. Its flowers, renowned for their digestive and diuretic properties, are sometimes found dried in certain teas to which they also bring a nice colorful touch.

The flowers of the ceraiste mountain pastures

A. Baudry The broad-leaved cerera is a perennial with pretty white flowers and downy foliage. It is satisfied with acidic soils and knows how to lodge in the slightest crevice of the rock. It is recognized in particular by its two-lobed petals with a pretty heart shape.

The flowers of the bellflower mountain pastures

A. Baudry Delicate, the bellflower punctuates the meadows and the slopes with its mauve bells and is easily sown with the wind.

The flowers of the scabious mountain pastures

A. Baudry The Alpine knautie, or field scabious, is a small perennial with pretty lilac flowers, much appreciated by pollinators.

The flowers of the cirse marsh pastures

A. Baudry Having nothing to envy the yellow gentian in terms of size, the cirse marsh willingly rises well above a meter above the ground. It attracts the eye with its pretty purplish pink flowers. As the name suggests, it appreciates humid places. Attention, its spicy stem will not be picked without resistance!

The flowers of the Alpine dairies

A. Baudry As tall as the cirse of the marshes, the Alpine milkweed stands out with its pretty pale blue flowers tending to mauve. He likes cool and humid environments.