10 modern fireplaces for a designer interior

10 modern fireplaces for a designer interior

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1. A modern fireplace clad in concrete


It's hard not to think of concrete when we talk about contemporary decor. Inevitably, therefore, the modern fireplace gains in elegance with its concrete coating! In the absence of real concrete, moreover, a formwork and a concrete coating are enough to make an impact. As for boosting the cocooning style without losing modernity, a nice sisal rug and a wooden suspension do it all.

2. A modern central hanging fireplace


The most original modern fireplaces are undoubtedly those who do not lean against the wall. The fireplace is placed in the center of the room, the chimney flue (generally in stainless steel)descends directly from the ceiling, and its covering seems almost suspended. If in addition it is matt black and ultra-graphic, this hanging fireplace turns into a work of art in the middle of the living room!

3. A modern corner fireplace


The advantage of the designer fireplaceis that it transforms any constraint into a decorative asset. An angle to dress but not want to partition? We dare the corner fireplace with a glass wall on two, even three sides. And to further boost its contemporary potential, we dress it in black, a modern trick that brings out the flames. Perfect for a lovely evening at Corner of the fire !

4. A modern two-tone fireplace


No need to invest your ELP in renovating the fireplace, a few tips can transform an old model rustic in wonder contemporary. For dress up a modern fireplace, we store it with plasterboard with straight and clean lines, we paint everything in a trendy color and we delimit the fireplace part with a second, more punchy color, it's done!

5. A modern long fireplace


To adopt the contemporary look of the long modern fireplace at home, you can change the model and completely renovate the installation. Or you can cheat with a clever sham! Just extend a black hearth with a flat black paint on each side, the result is stunning, especially with a white decor.

6. A modern fireplace as a separator


What if we used a modern fireplace as separation ? A cubic formwork can conceal the chimney flue, insert the fireplace on one side, provide storage for the logs on the other and built-in shelves or bookcases on the last two. A design and multifunction element that can adapt to all configurations!

7. A modern inlaid wood effect fireplace


Want a modern and warm fireplace ? We dare an ultra-cozy Scandinavian style wood fireplace surround. Not only is the effect design, but it is also bright… and to add a touch of originality to the contemporary look, we opt for a trompe-l'oeil material imitating wood, from stone to printed concrete. Without forgetting the window to protect your household!

8. A modern cathedral fireplace and ultra-design


When you are lucky enough to live in a contemporary house with high ceilings, you might as well take advantage of it to ask a modern design fireplace ! A contrasting black charcoal covering, a textured material, a cathedral height and that's it. Special mention for the remote base which seems to float above the ground.

9. A modern fireplace in a graphic unit


Refurbish a classic fireplace in a modern fireplace with a not too complicated renovation? It is possible, and with a warm atmosphere, please. If the cladding is too old, you can redo a formwork with plasterboard and take the opportunity to provide storage for the logs. Otherwise, an asymmetrical structure in light wood transforms the style of the fireplace!

10. A modern black and white fireplace


No need to look too far to offer a contemporary makeover to an old black cast iron fireplace: a straight formwork repainted in white, an insert, carbon black plinths that echo, and here is a fireplace modern without major work. The right details? The accent wall with its graphic wallpaper and the raw wooden shelf running along the walls!


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