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Optimizing bathroom storage

Optimizing bathroom storage

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If storage is a headache in the house, we tend to forget that in the bathroom, we also need space to store linens and accessories. The good news ? There are clever solutions for the storage of the bathroom. Discover them in pictures!

Choose a wardrobe

Ikea As in the bedroom, the bathroom can accommodate a good sized wardrobe. You will be able to store linens such as towels for example as well as beauty products. Choose a shallow model for more practical and less bulky storage.

Optimize with baskets

Ikea / The large counter If you have shelves, place baskets there to optimize the storage space. You can indeed store more things because the stacks of towels will not fall and you can store small accessories that you do not want to exhibit.

Organize the vanity unit

Ikea Rather than choosing a simple sink, favor a vanity unit that will allow you to obtain storage drawers. Inside, use compartments to store beauty products and other accessories optimally.

Divert furniture

Maisons du monde If you have a large bathroom, you will be able to divert traditional furniture in order to install it in this room. For example, you can install a small sideboard or storage cupboards.

Use shelves

Laura Hammett If you do not want to visually clutter the space of your room but you still need a large storage space, you can opt for an open shelf.

Play with the wall surface

Ikea Even if your bathroom is small, you can make the most of the wall surface to benefit from storage space. To do this, choose furniture to hang shallowly so as not to obstruct the passage or optimize the corners.

Bet on ingenious furniture

Ikea To optimize the storage space as much as possible, choose clever furniture that will increase your storage area. Think for example of corner furniture.

Place standing shelves

Ikea The standing shelves have the advantage of being able to contain a lot of storage. Ideal for placing all your products!

Choose foldable accessories

Ikea For easier storage of the accessories you need such as a step so that children can access the tap, prefer folding models that will slip between two pieces of furniture or against a wall.