City Guide: Leipzig

City Guide: Leipzig

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The other German underground city. This is surely how we can best describe Leipzig, located in the former East German. True place of culture, the city is today a nice playground for creatives and young entrepreneurs. Guided tour of addresses and activities not to be missed!

An address to sleep: Meisterzimmer pension

Meisterzimmer It is in the heart of Spinnerei that one can discover these four renovated and revamped apartments of odds and ends. Ideal for stealing good decorating ideas! Meisterzimmer

A cultural place: La Spinnerei

Leipzig Tourismus This huge brick building in the Spinnerei is full of artist, designer and gallery studios. Enough to fill up on culture for an entire afternoon!

A restaurant: Gaststätte Kollektiv

Gaststätte Kollektiv Are you a bit nostalgic? You might love the Gaststätte Kollektiv restaurant which invites you to remember the good old days over a homemade dish and a glass of wine.

An Airbnb apartment

Airbnb This small retro apartment located just 10 minutes from the city center enjoys a quiet but young and lively area. We love the decor with a recycled spirit, which perfectly matches the atmosphere of the city.

An event: The Leipzig Fair

GmbH The Leipzig Fair is one of the oldest in the world and attracts more and more fans thanks to an inexhaustible source of innovative ideas. An event not to be missed if it takes place during your visit!

A museum: The Bach Museum

Dead in Leipzig, the German musician and composer Johann Sebastian Bach, well deserved a space entirely devoted to his work. This is done in a small interactive museum that brings together many elements of his life and his work.

Architecture: a building in the Karli district

A veritable play space for artists, the buildings in Leipzig are (sometimes) transformed into giant canvas. Here, it is the local artist Michael Fischer who had fun on the facades of a building in the Karli district in order to denounce his vacancy. Since then, the latter has housed a 80s-style cocktail bar: La Boum.

A moment of shopping: the Mädler passage

Appaloosa The many characteristic passages of Leipzig are places where it is good to stroll and do some shopping. Our favorite: the Mädler passage to luxury boutiques.

A garden: Clara Zetlin Park

GmbH A veritable green oasis, Clara Zetlin Park is a few minutes' walk from the historic center of Leipzig. In summer, you can take advantage of the open-air theater, which offers concerts and film screenings.


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