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A Parisian house open to the outside

A Parisian house open to the outside

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Located in the Paris region, this particular L-shaped house, dated late 19th century, has been enlarged and sublimated. Designed and produced by the Alexandre Hordé Architectes agency, this rehabilitation and extension project offers a result that is both design and original, a skilful blend of modernity and old-fashioned charm. Visiting places.

A 25 m² terrace conducive to relaxation

Thomas Lannes Thanks to a renovation that retains the original volumes, while opening up the living space located on the ground floor to the outside, the architects of the AHA agency have managed to create a beautiful space , offering a breathtaking view of the garden, thanks to a glass facade.

A living space on one level

Thomas Lannes Open on the terrace, the living room offers a beautiful volume on one level, and is embellished with a designer fireplace, which blends perfectly with the decor.

A kitchen open to the living room

Thomas Lannes In order to amplify the impression of openness to the outside, a large window, reminiscent of the glass facade installed in the living room, was fitted out in the kitchen, at the zenith.

A kitchen area bathed in light

Thomas Lannes Composed of a dining area, the open kitchen, all dressed in white, invites sharing and conviviality.

A hall leading to a cozy lounge

Thomas Lannes Still on the ground floor, a hall decorated with old-fashioned cement tiles, leads to a small living room with ultra cozy decoration: wooden furniture, colorful carpets, armchairs with comfortable seats and a fireplace. time.

A dining room and a staircase that mix styles

Thomas Lannes In the dining room, the original herringbone parquet floor has been preserved, and the room has been enhanced by moldings, affixed halfway up the walls. On the stairs, which lead upstairs, the steps and the ramp have been preserved, and a pretty vibrant red color gives a touch of pep to the whole.

A corridor leading to a first bedroom

Thomas Lannes Upstairs, a large hallway leads to a first bedroom which offers high ceilings, magnified by a parquet floor which has retained its charm of yesteryear.

A second bedroom with classic charm

Thomas Lannes Still upstairs, a second bedroom with classic charm, is embellished with a fireplace with marble mantle, enough to give a real cachet to the room. A touch of slate blue paint brings the edge of modernity that was missing from the space.

A stone-clad bathroom

Thomas Lannes On the floor, as on the walls, the bathroom is decorated with stone tiles; echoing the brick wall, kept in the kitchen area, on the ground floor.


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