Deciphering Téva Déco: The family office

Deciphering Téva Déco: The family office

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## This week, Thomas Lecointe and Sophie Ferjani are changing the decor of a living room into an office for the whole family. Everything will be done by our two decorators to obtain an office adaptable to all sizes. Sober colors, recycled furniture and colorful accessories were privileged to transform this room! Come and discover this multifunctional office with numerous storage spaces.

Coconut soil

Téva Déco / D'Home Productions This seagrass floor is natural and will go well with the theme of this family office. This coating is easy to maintain while keeping the comfort of a carpet. Softer than parquet or tiles. Your feet will love it!

A magnetic painting

Téva Déco / D'Home Productions No more sticky notes! In the middle of these white walls, Thomas painted a matt purple stripe to structure the space since the line of offices will be installed just below. This arch will create a delimitation between the concentration part located under the arch and the creative part, located outside this purple band.


Téva Déco / D'Home Productions Good idea to avoid doodling on the wall! Chalkboard rectangles will allow your toddlers to chalk and erase whatever they want. Do not forget to remove the scotches, pulling inwards, quickly after applying the paint to prevent it from chipping during drying. Dozens of colors exist, which will punctuate the room.

A functional room

Téva Déco / D'Home Productions Thomas and Sophie installed lots of storage space in this room with inexpensive furniture. Very practical and light colors, they will go unnoticed. From large files to small notebooks, the whole family can store their small belongings.

An office with pallets

Téva Déco / D'Home Productions The main object of this room is the office! Thomas created a two-story office so that all family members could study. A high table for the older ones, and a smaller one for the children. Three pallets side by side were placed on trestles. The "Plus": Plexiglas boards, on which it is possible to write with the erasable marker, have been placed on the pallets to give a design side to this recovered desk.

A coat rack, also with pallets

Téva Déco / D'Home Productions Thomas has made some pretty original coat racks. He painted simple wooden pallets on which he hung door handles to hang your clothes.

Colorful suspensions

Téva Déco / D'Home Productions It is well known that lighting helps concentration. It was therefore necessary to find colored lamps to give a little joy to this room. Different sizes, colors and designs, you can hang it on the wall, put it on the desk or on furniture.

Accessories of all colors

Téva Déco / D'Home Productions To give a little humor to this family office on a dark background, it is essential to add dozens of colorful accessories. From storage bins, to chairs, to cushions and pencil holders, don't hesitate to let go and opt for the most flashy colors!

The editor's favorite

Téva Déco / D'Home Productions Like the lamps, the chairs are also mismatched and colored. They will accentuate the friendly atmosphere of this office. Here, everything has been done to work in joy and good humor.


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