10 washbasins for toilets

10 washbasins for toilets

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Particularly difficult to furnish due to their limited surfaces, toilets have little space to give up to storage or items dedicated to hygiene. The hand basin and its small size is therefore perfectly suited in this place of comfort. Here are 10 models to inspire you.

Very design

Aubade If you like simple lines and design, you are served with this very nice model from Aubade. We like the combination with brown mosaic, hammam style.

With a closet

Aubade Small note of color in these all white toilets, this orange hand basin brings the decorative touch to the room. In addition, it comes in handy thanks to its small closet where you can store toilet paper or cleaning products.

Black sink

Point WC Chic and modern, this black washbasin can be easily installed in contemporary style toilets. You can also opt for a black toilet seat to harmonize everything.

With a large ledge Since you have to choose your washbasin according to the surface and the layout of the toilets, bet on a rectangular model in a long room.

Rock effect

Livingroc In nature style toilets, we recommend this very beautiful sink which seems to be dug in the rock. Its chrome tap gives the design touch to the whole.

Explosive purple

Aubade We offer good humor to our toilets by betting on a colorful model. We love this purple hand basin that can be fixed on plain and sober tiling as well as on tiling with variegated patterns.

On feet

Azura Home Design Desires for design down to the small corner? It is on this transparent standing model that you will turn. If it caught your eye, you will still need large toilets to install it.

All in curves

WC point In the toilet, you can often dare all the eccentricities and this round model is therefore all found. We like its black color which makes it chic associated with a white or light gray wall.

An elegant hand basin

Lapeyre In a feminine and refined interior, we recommend this very elegant hand basin with its round basin. Storage side, a black cupboard is emerging below.