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Deco around toilet paper

Deco around toilet paper

Toilet paper, object of inspiration and stylized settings: who would have thought it? However, this is what the following 10 pictures prove to us ... Good news for our WCs!

Rolls of trompe l'oeil

Koziel A roll of pink toilet paper affixed to a background of toilet paper in series, that's how to turn the ugly in total derision. Result: a funny and unusual wall decor!

Nomad roll

The Collection Hanging from a super graphic hook, the toilet paper hangs wherever we like: on the door handle, on the edge of the sink or of a piece of furniture. A nomadic attitude that makes him much funnier than he really is!

Diverted rolls

Presse Citron Turned into real decorative accessories, the rolls of toilet paper can say thank you to the ingenious tree that welcomes them. Thanks to him, they have definitely changed gait…

Table rolls

Leroy Merlin "When toilet paper was a work of art". We do not ignite, but it is still almost that. A tall glass cabinet in which we divide the entire reserve, and that's how to give it the air of a painting!

Colorful rolls

Direct D-sign The classic pink paper, we don't want it anymore! Color toilets are so much prettier…

Column rolls

Lif Even if it means storing the rolls of toilet paper in the toilets, you might as well give them a decorative attitude! In this sense, we like the alternative "suspended column"! Especially since by inserting a few patterned models, the obelisk is maxi design!

Offset roller

Leroy Merlin Carrying toilet paper between his fangs, this dinosaur roll holder invites humor and humor to the corner. In fact, we are more for!

Reader rolls

The Collection Turnaround for this roll holder which became a magazine holder! The aesthetics of the second as a bonus.

Cousin rolls

The Collection No, this is not a roll of toilet paper, but a roll of paper! But since the resemblance is striking, why not use it to sow doubt in the toilet by hanging it on a wall?