Wall decor like art galleries

Wall decor like art galleries

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Artistic works and photographs use the art of creating wall decors that are as beautiful as they are surprising when they have fun playing with accumulation after being nicely framed. In staggered rows or online, graphic or tidy: the important thing is to choose the right staging of these precious collections. Demonstration in pictures.

A wall of unstructured frames above the desk

Leroy Merlin Above the desk, naive paintings and illustrations mingle cheerfully to transform the wall into a surprisingly stylized "art gallery". It's fresh and happy!

Wall herbarium

Maisons du Monde The four-poster bed could have been the star of this room, but she decided otherwise by betting on a very surprising plant atmosphere. Recipe ? Dress the walls, from floor to ceiling, with a collection of dried plants framed identically. Super chic, this oversized wall herbarium!

On the wall, the alliance of black and white

Castorama Black and white photographs of stars of the 7th art and of racing cars intertwine here to awaken a hitherto uninteresting play. Bet met with flying colors!

On the walls, the rule of 3

Leroy Merlin By applying the rule of 3 vertically and horizontally to hang works of abstract art in a small format, we obtain a very sophisticated wall decor.

A wall of very tidy frames

Leroy Merlin Another example of a very tidy staging adopting the art gallery style. The idea to steal? Bet on a marie-louise twice as large as the works to give them volume and thus create more visual impact.

A very poetic gallery effect

Leroy Merlin On the branches of a tree-shaped sticker or stencil, we hung frames framing very romantic bird cages and pretty hummingbirds for a very poetic gallery effect…

A wall decoration that changes the scenery

Leroy Merlin The three shelves above the sofa have only one goal: to create a change of scenery. They multiply photo frames of different sizes, souvenirs brought back from long journeys.

Contemporary photos for a very trendy look

Ikéa Above the sofa, contemporary photographs pile up in disorder to create an irresistible arty / trendy / quirky look.


AM.PM Here, it is a discreet series of architectural drawings and plans that energizes the wall. Because there is only one step between the "art gallery" style and the "museum" style!


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