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Each room has its seat!

Each room has its seat!

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Living room, bedroom, dressing room, dining room, kitchen, office, bathroom, garden, etc. Each room has a seat to combine comfort and aesthetics! From the chaise longue to the chair via the stool and even the ottoman, let yourself be inspired by our favorite seats.

In the living room: a padded upholsterer mattress

Les 3 Suisses Another solution for a comfortable and original seating in the living room: the padded upholstery mattress. Here, we love the khaki color since it goes perfectly with touches of duck blue, brought by the two small cushions.

In the bedroom: a fun and quirky ottoman

Woouf Thirst for originality in your room? We have the solution: urgently adopt this pouf with banana patterns, both fun and offbeat. In addition to being very comfortable, it is nomadic and invites itself into all the other rooms. In short, let your imagination run wild!

In the dressing room: a multifunctional stool

AM PM Small stool for great effect. In this chic and practical wardrobe, you needed a multifunction seat. Bet raised with this very functional metal stool, the proof: it acts as seat, side table and one can even use it to reach the highest perched elements.

In the dining room: a bench decorated with cushions

Bloomingville Favorite decoration! We fall in love with this bamboo bench that we imagine very well associated with a large table to receive all our loved ones. Adorned with pretty cushions, we adopt it urgently, and you?

In the dining room: we mix the seats with style

Maisons du Monde Originality. This is the key word when we observe this dining room which blurs the tracks and mixes several types of seats: a bench to match the table, two metal stools in the spirit of recup 'in different colors and another, tripod this time . Do you validate?

In the kitchen: folding chairs to save space

Ikea In the kitchen, in a small space, the objective can be summed up in three words: saving space. Here, a small service fixed to the wall, and foldable, allows to create a dining area. We add two folding chairs and voila!

In the office: an industrial-style stool and chair

Maisons du Monde We love the recycled and industrial spirit of this decor all in wood and metal. On the office side, we opt for a stool, always in the same spirit, which gives a good seat. Most " ? Provide a folding chair in case of visit.

In the bathroom: a 2-in-1 towel chair

Ikea Relaxing atmosphere in this bathroom where a beautiful harmony reigns, between bright white warmed by a few touches of bamboo. Sitting side, we say bravo to this 2 in 1 chair, which also acts as a towel holder, a great idea!

In the garden: a colorful garden furniture

Fermob You couldn't go through all the rooms in the house without looking at the outdoors. Suddenly, we fell for this garden furniture composed of a table and five coordinated and colorful chairs. I can not wait for summer !