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Gardens, Garden: 10 decorative ideas for the balcony

Gardens, Garden: 10 decorative ideas for the balcony

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Not everyone is lucky enough to have large green spaces. So a well decorated and well-flowered balcony is already a little piece of paradise. The editorial staff went this morning to the "Jardins, Jardin" lounge to find some decoration ideas for your little balcony. Presentation in pictures of our pretty discoveries.

A practical and colorful plancha

We are not used to seeing such pretty barbecues! Ideal for small areas thanks to its mini size, this plancha / barbecue combination keeps the authentic taste of charcoal while brightening up your balcony with its flashy colors.

Concrete blocks as pots

The urban side of this balcony would not come to mind and yet it is a very good idea. Wood and concrete blocks to plant your herbs and flowers is fun and economical. We love the raw spirit with materials for an original rendering.

Mini gardens hanging on the balcony

To decorate your balcony a bit, opt for these pretty floral glass pendant lights. Similar to large drops of water, they will bring a soothing and friendly side above a small table for example.


These pretty wooden birdhouses can be installed in a garden as well as on a balcony. With the arrival of the beautiful days, the birds show the end of their beak and will be happy to come and nest in these small huts.

A reduced model compost

No more trouble with your big composts! Small and more aesthetic than a plastic trash can, it will no longer visually disturb thanks to its terracotta design painted in white.

A flowered balustrade

For nature lovers, this small 100% vegetable balcony will make you happy. Cover your balustrade with pretty plants and pretty flowers for a cool atmosphere all summer!

All in one

With this concept of "pack", don't waste any more space! Vegetable garden, bench, walls, everything is gathered in a single structure. Ideal for improvised aperitifs, plant your cherry tomatoes and you just have to reach out!

A vegetable patch on the balcony

Small balcony says small vegetable patch. Are you greedy and have a green thumb? This little vegetable garden is made for you! To wedge in a corner of the balcony to grow your tomatoes and chives, it will not take up space while being pretty thanks to its wooden design.

A balcony is also decorated

Effective so as not to take up too much space in a small space, these flowerpots will find their perfect place on your balcony. To punctuate the decor, you can perfectly play with the different sizes offered.


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