10 styles of XXL pots for the garden

10 styles of XXL pots for the garden

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In summer, the flowerpots, available in a thousand and one seams make their show. Some have even adopted a disproportionate size to stand out. And it works ! The extra large effect puts us in full view in the garden, so what are we waiting for to make our choice?

Barrel effect

Castorama ### The wooden barrels inspired the design of these oversized pots in width. We love their originality and their diversion style of objects.


Leroy Merlin ### As pruned as the trees in the garden, these two gray pots display a chic that should not displease lovers of elegant and sophisticated decor.

Japanese style

Castorama ### Another example of a pot larger than the plant, except that here, it is the wooden design with a Zen and sophisticated rendering that makes us crack.


Castorama ### A classic revisited life-size: the terracotta pots have indeed gained a few cm and a few kg! The rendering is authentic and does not fail to impress on the terrace.

Color block

Ikéa ### Color and height is possible thanks to a collection of oversized pots dressed in a pretty apple green hue.


Leroy Merlin ### Whether they have a rectangle or a diamond shape, the garden pots striated with fine stripes gain height in order to sow a 100% designer atmosphere outside.

Concrete effect

Castorama ### The concrete trend is gaining ground in garden pots to let the loft style sneak outside in the bright sun.


Castorama ### Large and square, this is the winning duo of gardens that are both chic and structured.


Leroy Merlin ### Series of pots in the shape of a cylinder to turn the head of the garden.


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