When the drawers make the show

When the drawers make the show

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In the storage family, I ask for the drawer units! Very practical for storing and compartmentalizing, they also bring a very decorative touch thanks to their structured and graphic lines. We invite you to discover 20 storage compartments and their drawers to install at home for smart storage.

Unlimited drawers

Maisons du Monde If you are a storage freak and like to sort, store, classify: this piece of furniture is made for you! With its forty narrow drawers, it will allow you to tidy up all your papers. The trick will be to write down what the drawer contains on the dedicated label.

Numbered drawers

Maisons du Monde To give your room an industrial style, this metal chiffonnier features stencilled numbered drawers. You are asked in which drawer are the scissors? Easy, just give the number of the drawer concerned!

Industrial drawers

Maisons du Monde If you want a piece of furniture with character, turn to this model with 24 small rectangular drawers that different trades can use for the storage of equipment. And to make the furniture look mottled, inscriptions adorn each drawer.

Rustic drawers

Maisons du Monde If you love the beauty of wood, bet on a piece of furniture whose drawers highlight the different knots of essence by creating a patchwork of different pieces. Shell handles enhance the whole.

Invisible drawers

La Redoute Conversely, the drawers also know how to be very discreet when the handles are removed. The facades are then slightly forward but the whole remains very pure and geometric.

Chiffonnier drawers

La Redoute The ultimate drawer unit is the chiffonnier or week-table! It is in principle adorned with seven narrow drawers, one for each week. All in height, it is easy to slide anywhere in the house to store in every corner.

Drawers available

La Redoute Note that in principle, the drawers come in several forms, you will find the chiffonnier, the chest of drawers and the tall chest of drawers. You will be able to choose the furniture that suits you according to the size of your interior.

Unstructured drawers

Ikea Sometimes the drawers no longer have their traditional appearance and the furniture then consists of drawers of different shapes and sizes which are inserted like a puzzle for a graphic and original look.

Drawers in the furniture

Ikea Finally, be aware that many pieces of furniture have drawers. You will find for example beds which have drawers in their lower part, very practical for storing belongings.

Majestic drawers

Maisons du Monde We are under the spell of this huge buffet dresser, which delights wonderfully in a lounge with a romantic atmosphere. Plaids, magazines, dvd, you can slide everything you want thanks to its large drawers!

Two-color drawers

Ikea This storage unit installed at the end of the bed is certainly a shock ally in a room to organize everything. The trick so that it does not go unnoticed? Adopt a flashy color for two drawers!

Factory-style drawers

Maisons du Monde Do you want to give your interior a factory feel? Nothing could be simpler with this storage unit mounted on casters that displays attractive drawers in raw wood or metal.

Poetic drawers

Maisons du Monde We fall in love with these magnificent drawers which all display a different floral wallpaper. They just have to find a place for them in a little girl's room with a poetic or romantic universe!

Drawers like in the country

Conforama If, like us, you are in love with the authenticity of the country style, here is a chest of drawers composed of many drawers that will not leave you indifferent. Why not install it in the living room or in the hallway to store anything that is lying around?

Colored drawers

Maisons du Monde To give a little pep in the bedroom of your little ones, why not imagine a painting workshop to customize your old dresser? You can even imagine a color code to help him when tidying up his room!

Thin drawers

La Redoute Interiors Looking for a piece of furniture that can help you sort through all your paperwork? This chest of drawers with many narrow drawers will certainly become your ally!

Drawers to store everything

Ikea So that everyone can store their things in the room, adopt a large order consisting of many drawers larger or smaller. Not jealous !

Advertising posters on the drawers

Maisons du Monde You have found old advertising posters in your cellar and you don't know what to do with them? Why not cut them out and glue them on the drawers of your old entry chest.

Original handles on the drawers

Ikea To give a little allure to storage furniture designed in simplicity, change their handles for funnier ones like the one added on these blond wooden dressers.