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Outdoor kitchens for inspiration

Outdoor kitchens for inspiration

Do you want to take advantage of the good weather and emphasize conviviality? Bet on the outdoor kitchen! Very trendy, the latter allows you to cook good meals without having to make a thousand trips back and forth in the house. In search of an ideal model, discover our selection of outdoor kitchens full of good ideas!

Concrete outdoor kitchen

Eric Olsen Design Composed entirely of concrete, this outdoor kitchen is as pretty as it is functional. Mini but practical, it will give ideas to owners of small gardens. Source: Eric Olsen Design

A retro outdoor kitchen

Hviturlakkris With retro furniture and old dishes, easy to give your outdoor kitchen an atmosphere of yesteryear and full of charm. Source: Hviturlakkris

An exotic outdoor kitchen

Pearson Design Group All dressed in wood, this outdoor kitchen breathes vacation. The most practical: once the meal is over, all you have to do is fold down the two windows using a string system. Thus, the rain does not seep! Source: Pearson Design Group

An outdoor kitchen in the middle of the garden

Bhg Thanks to a nice installation in white wood, set up an outdoor kitchen alongside a small sitting area in the middle of the garden. Source: Bhg

An outdoor kitchen like at home

The Horticult With this brown wooden piece of furniture, it looks like an indoor kitchen, don't you think? Source: The Horticult

An outdoor chalet-style kitchen

House of Pictures From floor to ceiling, including furniture, this outdoor kitchen has bet everything on the chalet spirit with its large planks of raw wood. Source: House of Pictures

A roofless outdoor kitchen

House of Pictures By choosing suitable furniture, you can perfectly choose to install an outdoor kitchen without a roof. Here, it is thanks to a black tiling that it is highlighted, and we love the idea! Source: House of Pictures

An outdoor kitchen with central island

Remodelista Like a real indoor kitchen, this outdoor kitchen has bet on a large central island on which you can cook and receive your guests. Source: Remodelista

A functional outdoor kitchen

Remodelista On a single wooden table, the owners of this house were able to create a functional outdoor kitchen with a cooking area and a dining area. Source: Remodelista

A hanging outdoor kitchen

WWOO Difficult not to crack in front of this hanging outdoor kitchen which offers a barbecue area, a worktop and a large shelf on which wood and dishes can be stored. Source: WWOO

An outdoor kitchen with a bar

Pinterest If you don't have the space to install an outdoor kitchen on your terrace, cheat by taking inspiration from this decorative idea: set up a bar at the level of the window sill of your indoor kitchen. Source: Pinterest

An outdoor kitchen on pallets

1001 Pallets Totally in vogue in our interiors, but also in our gardens, pallets have been used here to create an outdoor kitchen. The result is breathtaking! Source: 1001 Pallets

An outdoor kitchen under veranda

Archdaily The idea to retain in this sublime outdoor kitchen installed in the greenhouse is without hesitation the suspended metal ceiling which accommodates all the kitchen utensils thanks to a few hooks. Source: Archdaily

Brick outdoor kitchen

Samdizajner With its rustic side, this small kitchen made out of bricks, catches the eye. Source: Samdizajner

A designer outdoor kitchen

Tobi Fairley To take advantage of sunny days, imagine your outdoor kitchen as a real professional space. Upholstered bar, designer stools, decorative suspensions ... it's your turn! Source: Tobi Fairley

A refined outdoor kitchen

Perfect Hideaways Simple lines, sober materials, this outdoor kitchen has bet on the purity and the result is superb! Source: Perfect Hideaways

A large outdoor kitchen

HGTV With its multiple base units, this large outdoor kitchen allows guests to prepare meals with large pumps on the terrace. Source: HGTV

An outdoor stone kitchen

HGTV To give a warm side to your outdoor kitchen, bet on the charm of stone! Source: HGTV