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20 designer vases that will perfectly decorate your interior

20 designer vases that will perfectly decorate your interior

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1. Shiny vases


Let the brilliant come into your home with these very design vases. In a living room, next to a sofa or on a coffee table, these decorative elements easily find their place.

2. Bi-colors


What do you think of bi-color decorative items ? The ideal is always mix sober colors together such as white, light gray, anthracite gray, black ... But you can also put a touch of pep by cracking on a more flashy set of colors. Also, if you can't find the duo of your dreams, organize a small painting workshop and repaint a classic white vase in the colors you want!

3. Silver shades


Other very designer colors, the silver. This shade goes perfectly with white, gray or any other color of your interior.

4. Watering can way


This vase is actually a watering can. With itsoriginal form, he has the gift of decorating your interior in a unique and aesthetic way. put some pretty flowers to brighten up your room and voila !

5. Pitcher


And yes, you can also use a pitcher as a vase. Provided of course let your pitcher be designer ! Original, this way of putting your flowers is more and more widespread in interior decoration.

6. In glass bottles


You may not have thought about it, but a silly way to create a vase is the glass bottle. Keep some pretty glass bottles, put a little water at the bottom and place one or two flowers. Perfect on a console, sideboard, table or chest of drawers, these pretty vases will decorate your interior in the blink of an eye.

7. Ceramic


Monochrome, with sober and ceramic hues, this trio of vases has it all. Discreet and designs, these vases dress a coffee table or a shelf, with or without flowers, in a snap of the fingers.

8. Colorful


Bring the color into your home with these pretty vases with a rather girly style! Pink, blue, green, yellow, purple… put small touches of color on your interior furniture. On a bedside table, a small desk or in the living room, color is synonymous with cheerfulness and well-being !

9. Stringing style


Another pretty vase: the vase rope way. This coating hides any pot by transforming it into a real decorative object!

10. Transparent


Transparent vases have been on the rise in recent years. Because ? Their design aspect decorates any room and this, really simply. Transparent, this model can take different forms and allows you to see the stems inside.

11. Made of old metal


Depending on the decor style that prevails in your home, choose an old metal vase. Real decorative object, you are free to decorate it or not with a bouquet of flowers.

12. All in gold


If you like gold, this vase model is made for you! Whether you have a chic, vintage or Scandinavian atmosphere, these vases will easily make a place in your interior.

13. Cubic shapes


Perfect for a chalet or Scandinavian style for example, this vase is a real decorative piece. To dress a buffet or on the floor, whether or not garnished with plants or flowers, you can only love it!

14. Copper effect


Very fashionable in industrial decoration in particular, the copper effect is available on many decorative objects. Floor lamps, vases, figurines… copper is on the rise.

15. All in white


For a sober interior, simple while being aesthetic, opt for entirely white vases. Beautiful in a Scandinavian atmosphere, white also fits into all other decor styles.

16. Imitation stone


In a chalet or in a designer interior, the stone fits perfectly. On an entire wall or in small touches here and there, it perfectly dresses a vase for example. Bring a touch of color to your interior by placing a pretty bouquet of flowers there.

17. Elongated shape


For a little more finesse and delicacy, we prefer decorative objects toelongated and fine shapes. This vase, for example, is the very definition of design. Discreet and aesthetic, it fits perfectly into a modern interior.

18. Mix and match


Don't hesitate to mix colors, shapes and materials to bring a little originality into your home ! Opt for a few mismatched vases and place them next to each other on a coffee table, sideboard or TV stand. The rendering risks seducing more than one ...

19. Marble style


In a chic and modern interior, we opt for marble vases. Design, this motif naturally sublimates your interior. Filled with tulips or roses, this marbled vase is a real wonder!

20. Old patterns


And finally, if you love vintage decor, prefer vases with old patterns. Arrange them at the entrance or in a living room to enhance your different rooms.


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