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Change to a green flooring

Change to a green flooring

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If you have decided to make some small changes in your interior, why not join an environmentally friendly approach by opting for an ecological flooring? Discover 8 decorative coverings and much better for the planet!

High-tech tiles

Saint Maclou For a healthy interior for its inhabitants, Saint Maclou offers an innovative tiling which destroys polluting gases like depolluting plants. This tile is actually covered with titanium dioxide which allows it this incredible feat. What benefit from clean air while remaining decorative.

Wool carpet

Saint Maclou For your carpet to have ecological qualities, it must not contain synthetic fibers. We therefore choose 100% wool models so that the raw material of the carpet or rug is completely natural.


Saint Maclou Contrary to popular belief, linoleum is an ecological coating since it is composed of linseed oil, wood, cork and pigments. Its composition and manufacture make it a healthy coating to install in a room for example.

A recycled carpet

Saint Maclou To bring a little warmth to your floor covering, nothing like a carpet. But for it to respect the environment, it will not be necessary to choose any model. Saint Maclou offers an original carpet made from used inner tubes of bicycles. The carpet then gives pride of place to recycling and offers a second life to waste: this is called upcycling.

Bamboo parquet

Castorama Bamboo grows relatively quickly and this allows it to be used without deforestation problems. Very resistant, it does not require chemical treatment to be used which makes it a flooring that takes into account the environment.


Leroy Merlin Seagrass is a vegetable fiber woven to give a natural carpet. It therefore offers natural flooring and an original decorative look that will be ideal in a natural interior. If this coating appreciates humidity, it will nevertheless be necessary that your room is perfectly ventilated.


Monsieur Bricolage Sisal is a vegetable fiber found on agave from Mexico. Its appearance is close to seagrass but the fiber is much softer to the touch and can be dyed to offer new decorative aspects.


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