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10 kettles to make your kitchen even more beautiful

10 kettles to make your kitchen even more beautiful

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Boiling water for tea time is a breeze with electric kettles. But still they must be decorative in order to leave them in the kitchen without complex. True stars thanks to their increasingly aesthetic forms and their colors full of pep, we use it as a real decorative element. It's time to choose yours!

Red with peas

Delamaison Always trendy in decoration, peas are invited on this bright red teapot. We particularly like its classic look, easy to dare in any kitchen.

Metallic blue

Russell Hobbs We love blue in the kitchen, and to prove it, we quickly adopt this metallic kettle. Combined with gray furniture, it becomes the centerpiece of the work plan!

Classic and green shape while sober

DeLonghi If you like simplicity, we advise you to opt for this pretty green kettle. Installed in a modern kitchen it undoubtedly becomes the retro note.

Bright yellow

Kenwood In a kitchen that loves life and good humor, the kettle to favor is undoubtedly this bright yellow model. Placed on the work plan or prominently on a sideboard, it becomes a real decorative object.

Pink for a feminine decor

Brandt If your kitchen is feminine and you want to complete the look, here is the perfect kettle. Pink color, generous curves, this kettle is definitely full of charm.

With its thermometer

Klarstein In addition to being aesthetic, this kettle has an analog thermometer as decorative as practical. In addition, its beige color helps it blend into any decor.

A few touches of green

Wibuzz Since the kettles are betting to expose themselves, we undoubtedly dare models in bright colors. This model only needs a few touches of lime green to make all the difference.

A rectangular kettle

White and Brown Flashy color and unusual shape, this kettle has it all. More practical to store than its rounded counterparts, it is slid into a corner of the worktop to save space. Her bright pink does the rest.

A chrome kettle

Morphy Richards Seeing it, you could think of rubbing shoulders with the kettle Ferrari with its bright chrome red. In a bistro-style kitchen, she will have no trouble finding her place.