Bosmelet castle gardens

Bosmelet castle gardens

** Planted according to the drawings in 1715 of Colinet, first gardener of Le Nôtre in Versailles, the park surrounding the Louis XIII castle (classified as a Historic Monument), opens up into vast perspectives on the countryside. Behind the 300-year-old "cathedral of lime trees", sheltered by an 18th century brick wall, the chromatic vegetable garden is arranged in shades of vegetables and flowers, in the colors of the rainbow. The origins of the vegetable garden, historically a simple food garden, can be explained by the passion for decoration and the pictorial art of Laurence de Bosmelet, the current owner. When she arrived on the estate, she set out to express an original design by creating a theme of color, for the arrangement of an ornamental vegetable garden: she merged the aesthetic and nourished it by mixing flowers and vegetables to create a unique vegetable garden. **

Bosmelet Castle Gardens 002

château de Bosmelet What an impressive walk that is to venture under the "cathedral of lime trees" made up of 163 300-year-old specimens!

Bosmelet Castle Gardens 003

Bosmelet castle The majestic wrought iron gate opens onto the "Arc-en-ciel" vegetable garden.

Bosmelet Castle Gardens 004

château de Bosmelet The Garnet square and its shades of pink and purple tobacco, the perry with purple ribs, the nasturtiums "Cherry rose" surrounding the tomatoes "Roses de Berne" and the sweet peas.

Bosmelet Castle Gardens 005

château de Bosmelet The Ivory square and its shades of ornamental cabbage "White Pigeon" and "White Pheaser". Ivory nasturtiums, "friendly" plants of "White Wonder" white tomatoes.

Bosmelet Castle Gardens 006

château de Bosmelet The Sapphire square and its shades of: edible cabbage, "Verona" with purple ribs and bluish leaves, red "Rookie" cabbage, artichokes "Bleus de Provence", alternating with lavender "Hidcot".

Bosmelet Castle Gardens 007

château de Bosmelet The Amber square and its shades of: nasturtiums "Mahogany" and "Apricot" in "friendly" plants of orange tomatoes "Sun Gold" surrounded by "Orange" calendulas and golden yellow fennels.

Bosmelet Castle Gardens 008

Bosmelet castle View of the south pergola.

Gardens of the chateau de Bosmelet 009

château de Bosmelet Wisteria trees "Blanche de Chine" from the Asian vegetable patch.

Bosmelet Castle Gardens 010

château de Bosmelet As a highlight, a gourmet walk "Picking, Cooking, Color" is offered to children and adults. It is an opportunity for them to prepare recipes which will be colored with the different shades of the garden, during eduction workshops in the kitchen, using edible flowers from the vegetable patch.