20 DIY ideas to revamp a mottled piece of furniture

20 DIY ideas to revamp a mottled piece of furniture

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Have you found a nice vintage piece of furniture on the flea market or in the attic of your grandparents that has lost its superb? And if you give it a little facelift by giving it a makeover? To help you, here are 20 ideas that are sure to inspire you.

A graphic school chair

We are Family Sublime this little school chair which offers a new graphic look. To make the same at home, nothing could be simpler! Only paint, tape, a pencil and a ruler will be required. * Source: We are Family *

A revamped secretary

Mamie Boude To give new life to an old mottled secretary, the bloggers at Mamie Boude repainted the interior in yellow and the exterior part in blue. The result throws! * Source: Mamie Boude *

A trendy toad chair

Rose Philange Completely dated, this toad armchair in brown velvet fabric has given itself a new lease of life thanks to feet repainted in blue. * Source: Rose Philange *

A very soft dresser

Zess After repainting the drawers in blue and the frame in light gray, you can give your dresser a new look in pastel. Ideal in a child's room! * Source: Zess *

A geometric children's desk

Cherry Green So that your little blond heads want to do their homework when coming back from school, nothing like a geometric desk in flashy colors. * Source: Cherry Green *

A pastel wardrobe

Sewing and Turbulence Once the panes are removed and replaced with chicken wire, this large wardrobe takes on a new look. You just have to repaint the background and the exterior in the color of your choice. * Source: Couture and Turbulences *

Customize the edges of the drawers

Elsie Larson We would not have thought about it and yet the result is superb! Customizing the side of the drawers with colored fabrics has a small effect when you need to take something from them. * Source: A Beautiful Mess *

Wallpaper on the backrest

The Sweet Escape A little glue, floral wallpaper, and here is a vintage chair back that brings freshness to the decor. * Source: The Sweet Escape *

A revamped bedside table

Spoon Flower If you don't know what to do with your rustic bedside table, remember this good idea: a new paint, a graphic wallpaper and a new handle will give you the arguments to love it again! * Source: Spoon Flower *

A current dresser

The Weathered Door Old-fashioned, this old dresser only needed a little blue paint and new handles to be back in the game! * Source: The Weathered Door *

A reupholstered stool

Morganours Do you want to give your fabric stool a new look? Follow the steps to re-upholster it yourself! * Source: Morganours *

An extra piece of furniture repainted

Centsational Girl Damaged by time and somewhat old-fashioned, this little extra piece of furniture is making a new place in our interior thanks to a pretty blue paint. * Source: Centsational Girl *

A buffet like new

Ma Bulle To give a more contemporary look to your old wooden sideboard, remove the door, paint the frame and a drawer in white, and voila! * Source: Ma Bulle *

A new leather bench

Vintage Revivals By recovering the leather from an old-fashioned sofa and creating a wooden structure, create a super decorative bench for your living room. * Source: Vintage Revivals *

New bedside for new decor

Lucette and Suzette With its pretty flashy color and its sober wallpaper, this 50s bedside table will no longer go unnoticed in your bedroom. * Source: Lucette and Suzette *

A wardrobe transformed into a buffet

Poppytalk Once repainted, mounted on legs and a drawer added, this small wardrobe found in the street has turned into a pretty trendy sideboard. * Source: Poppytalk *

Shaded drawers

Minigougue To give rhythm to the drawers of your old wooden chest of drawers, play with color gradients like here with green. * Source: Minigougue *

A fresh chair

Strawberry Milk With its stains and aged appearance, this elegantly shaped wooden chair is clearly out of fashion. But with a pink paint and floral wallpaper, this is likely to make you jealous! * Source: Strawberry Milk *

A graphic frame

Pin'k'up To give a more current style to this small sideboard, flashy paint and geometric shapes have been dared. Nice, right? * Source: Pin'k'up *