In Anne's cozy kitchen from the Papilles et Pupilles blog

In Anne's cozy kitchen from the Papilles et Pupilles blog

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Since June 2005, Anne, a Bordeaux food addict has been treating us with Papilles et Pupilles: a blog rich in original recipes, reports, interviews with chefs, trips and good addresses. With, as a bonus, many recipes specially dedicated to allergy sufferers, gluten intolerant or vegetarians. With more than 40,000 unique visitors per day, the blog has been ranked in the top 3 of food blogs since its creation. To better understand her world, Anne opened the doors of her cozy kitchen to us. Guided tour.

A cozy dining area

Anne / Papilles & Pupilles Blog In front of a large work surface, a dining area has been fitted out. Composed of a country-style table and four vintage wooden chairs, the space further reinforces the friendly atmosphere of the room.

An old-fashioned fireplace for a cozy atmosphere

Anne / Blog Papilles & Pupilles Adjoining the dining area, we can guess an old-fashioned fireplace, enhanced by elegant stone walls. What amplify the cozy atmosphere that reigns in this pretty kitchen.

Splashes of color to give pep

Anne / Blog Papilles & Pupilles In addition to a few touches of red on the walls and on the doors, these are decorative accessories and other household appliances, like this pretty pastel blue KitchenAid robot, which give pep to this sharing space.

Vintage-style dishes

Anne / Papilles & Pupilles Blog As for tableware, Anne loves to present her recipes in pretty enamel dishes with blue and red borders. Between canteen spirit and vintage charm, we are seduced!

Retro mugs

Anne / Papilles & Pupilles Blog We also love these retro mugs. And we also think we found that of Anne ... adorned with a "Mrs Papillae", a nod to her blog!

Graphic and colorful bowls

Anne / Papilles & Pupilles Blog Another favorite: these colorful bowls dressed in graphic patterns, which we would very well imagine on our breakfast table, wouldn't you?

A personalized and flowery decoration

Anne / Blog Papilles & Pupilles And to sublimate the decoration of her cozy kitchen, Anne added a metal plate, a tribute to the old Kub broth advertisements, and a beautiful bouquet of dried flowers.

Cupcake molds and a decorative cord for recreational cooking

Anne / Papilles & Pupilles Blog It is thanks to accessories, pretty colorful cupcake molds or a spool of red and white rope, that Anne gives life to creative and original recipes.

Spice up your kitchen decoration…

Anne / Blog Papilles & Pupilles We end our visit with a final touch of color: a bowl filled with small colorful peppers. Be careful, it stings!