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The kitchen gives pride of place to the island

The kitchen gives pride of place to the island

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We no longer present the central island which finds its place in trendy and functional kitchens. And when the kitchen lets the island flourish, it becomes XXL to set the tone for the entire room. More than the star of the kitchen, it is therefore truly constitutive of it.

A kitchen around the island

Alinéa Here, the kitchen flourishes around the island which becomes the centerpiece. With its large size, it accommodates the whole family and almost eclipses the elements that take place around it.

An island to delimit the kitchen

Aviva In this large open room, the dining room and the kitchen coexist and so that the kitchen is really materialized, the island takes place perpendicular to the wall to create a friendly and practical space.

A bar-style island

Aviva The island can sometimes take original forms to constitute the kitchen like this model which takes more from the bar than from the island and which extends on both sides of the kitchen. He then delimits the kitchen space while opening the dining part to the living room.

The island and its multiple functions

Mobalpa To take up an important place in the kitchen and be as practical as possible, the kitchen island does not hesitate to split up as here where it offers a worktop part and a lower one for taking meals.

The island as the only kitchen space

Mobalpa In this very modern interior, the entire kitchen finds its place on the central island which delimits the latter from the living room. The only other elements of the kitchen are installed on the walls like these two ovens.

The island as a visible part of the kitchen

Aviva When the kitchen features pure and very contemporary lines, the island is often the only visible part of the kitchen open to the living room. It is really the identity of this piece.

The island as a dining room

Baker When the kitchen is open to the living room, the dining room sometimes disappears in favor of the central island which can accommodate the family to take meals. The island then acts as a unifier of the kitchen and the living room by offering a space in between.

An island that hides the kitchen

Mobalpa If your room is open, be aware that you can also use the center island in an elongated shape to hide the kitchen space. The island then serves as a half-height partition that will allow you to keep a ventilated space.

The Zen ambiance island

Darty The central island adapts to all decorative desires thanks to a choice of coating more than substantial. We love this dark wooden model, which creates a zen and warm atmosphere in the room.

The island in a small kitchen

Ikea In a small kitchen, it is not always easy to have a large worktop to prepare your meals. Our tip is to opt for a small central island that extends into the dining area so that you can still have both.

The island with drawers

Ikea Another idea with the island, choose it composed of large drawers. So you can easily store and grab all of your small appliances.

The island that extends into the dining area

Schmidt This kitchen has decided not to install any countertop on the wall and to favor tall furniture. It is therefore the central island which takes over and which accommodates both the preparation and the taking of meals.

The island with shelves

Perene We love this central island which in addition to these storage cupboards offers two very practical shelves. We slide in the plates we use every day or the tea towels and napkins.

The block island

Schmidt No drawers or exposed cupboards on this all-white island which is undoubtedly the centerpiece of the kitchen.

The colorful island

Purpose To bring some flavor to a kitchen that has relied on white furniture, dare a central island that cuts radically. Here, we like the eggplant purple that covers the cupboard door to create a much warmer atmosphere.

Household appliances in the island

Leroy Merlin In this kitchen, it is the island that has housed all the appliances. Ovens, electric hob, gas stove and sink have found their place in the center of the room. Thus, the furniture installed on the wall can accommodate all the dishes, utensils and your household appliances.

The two-colored island

Schmidt We love this kitchen with a Nordic atmosphere which has bet on white lacquered and light wood furniture. The plus: the island that has fun with the two materials for a more original look.

Waxed concrete for the island

Leroy Merlin Waxed concrete has not said its last word and in the kitchen it brings a real industrial touch. We dare it without restraint on the ground, but also as a covering on the central island.