The different uses of garden benches

The different uses of garden benches

Why do you want a bench for your garden? Because this long and space-saving seat adapts to all circumstances and responds to all our summer whims. Look at the different uses and facilities from which it benefits us.

A bench instead of table chairs

Fly ### The simple and effective trick that maximizes the space around the table? Install full length benches rather than chairs. We help ourselves a little and voila!

A bench as a support for flowers

Ikéa ### By installing a series of green planters, flowers in vases or pots, it's easy to turn a garden bench into a floral support, as original as it is romantic.

A bench like a design sculpture

Delamaison ### Chosen with clean lines, elegant and voluptuous curves and a color that does not go unnoticed, the bench goes beyond the framework of the simple outdoor seating to become a real work of art in the garden.

A bench to improvise an outdoor living room

La Redoute ### Outside, no garden furniture can welcome guests. Unless you install a garden bench, a floor mat and some cushions!

A bench that hides a storage space

Leroy Merlin ### Hard to imagine that this custom-made bench integrated into the terrace is equipped with a storage chest! We lift the seat, and we organize dishes, cushions and candle jars to have them at all times!

A bench to relax in the middle of the garden

Maisons du Monde ### In solitary mode, this bench lost in the heart of the garden is reserved for relaxation, away from the hustle and bustle of daily stress.

A bench for young and old

Geneviève Lethu ### Another advantage of garden benches: accommodating all sizes, young and old!