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My dressing room at Castorama

My dressing room at Castorama

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Fashionistas or not, you need a dressing space to store all your clothes. To help you, Castorama offers many dressing solutions to meet all your storage needs. All you have to do is find yours among our inspirations.

A nice size wardrobe

Castorama If you have a room to dedicate to the dressing room, you will be able to offer yourself a dressing room worthy of the name. We thus place arrangements all around the room and we do not forget to add a large mirror for fittings.

A custom wardrobe

Castorama To best match your desires but also your space, you will find dressing modules to assemble to create your structure. It's up to you to juggle between drawers, wardrobes, shoe storage and shelves to create your custom wardrobe.

A dressing room that disappears in the bedroom

Castorama To make your dressing room discreet in your room, you can choose to fit it into the wall. Then you just need to install doors to close it and it is fully integrated in your room.

A dressing room in the living room

Castorama If you do not have space in the bedroom, you can for example use a recess in the living room to install your dressing room. You will then take care to close it with doors that meet the decor of your room.

A dressing room in the entrance

Castorama Know that you can install your dressing room in any space. For example, it will find its place in the entrance by opting for a fairly narrow model which will not hinder traffic. It will also be very practical for storing jackets and coats.

Large wardrobe closet

Castorama If you have room in your bedroom, you can opt for a very large wardrobe that will act as a dressing room. The interior will have a wardrobe side and shelves.

A dressing room in an invisible room

Castorama If you have a small room open onto a corridor or another room, do not hesitate to use it as a dressing room. To separate the two spaces, use the practical sliding doors over the entire opening.

A walk-in closet

Castorama If you have an attic room, you can still claim a dressing room. Do not hesitate to use the space in the basement to create a built-in wardrobe in the wall.