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Safari decor in the kids' room

Safari decor in the kids' room

Safari party in the decor! Our little explorers and adventurers only have to behave well. Giraffes, elephants and lions disembark in their room to sow a change of scenery, towards the African savannah! Follow the guide…

2. We paste world map wallpaper on the walls

Ikea ### Who says explorer of planet Earth says map of the world! After the pretty collection of terrestrial globes, there is therefore no hesitation in spreading a disproportionate world map on the walls: a wallpaper which alone announces the "globetrotter" color of the room.

3. We say yes to a rhino trophy

Leroy Merlin ### African decoration and animal trophy of lion or rhinoceros go hand in hand to extend the decoration adventure in safari version…

4. We multiply the geography and natural science maps

Maisons du Monde ### Leaving the "school" context, the maps of geographies and natural sciences stick perfectly to the skin of a "discovery" decor. So, we abuse it without moderation!

5. Let yourself be seduced by a giraffe-shaped bedside table

Vertbaudet ### Immediate boarding for African lands with this adorable bedside table in the shape of a giraffe!

6. We adopt an "Africa" ​​carpet

Maisons du Monde ### After the geo maps on the walls: make way for the African continent, on the ground! A nice rug named Safari that lives up to its name.

7. We surround ourselves with stickers representing the animals of the savannah

La Redoute ### The stickers have more than one trick up their sleeve to proclaim a safari atmosphere in the bedroom. With the silhouette of the animals of the savannah in a military print version, it's won!

8. But also figurines with their effigy

AM.PM ### Displayed on a shelf, on the desk or on the windowsill, figurines of elephants, monkeys, lions or gazelles confirm the "Africa" ​​trend of the decor.

9. Butterflies are framed on the walls

Leroy Merlin ### A great decorative feature for explorers, the butterfly frames are sure to accentuate the "travel" effect in the kids' room!

9. We even select a marmoset storage box!

Vertbaudet ### To hide all the adventure accessories of which your little budding Indiana Jones is the hero, here is the storage box he needs: a model decorated with a pretty little monkey.