10 pretty kitchen accessories that can be displayed

10 pretty kitchen accessories that can be displayed

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The traditional pans


It has long been traditional to display copper pans. Hang them on the wall or hang them on a support above the work surface. They bring to the kitchen a traditional and authentic atmosphere and highlight these essentials of culinary preparation.

Colorful mugs


The mugs or cups most often display varied colors and diverse patterns. It is then a shame to lock them in a cupboard and not to take advantage of their aesthetics. We can, according to his tastes, choose to place them on a shelf, in a glass cabinet or to hang them on the wall with hooks.

Authentic wooden utensils


At a time when plastic is king, do not hesitate to display your wooden utensils: spoons, spatulas and other cutting boards bring a natural and authentic touch to your kitchen. Place them in a porcelain container or hang them next to each other using a cord as you wish.

Colorful food robots


For some time now, food processors have taken our kitchens by storm. They are displayed in pastel pink or green hues or more vitamin-rich colors such as red. For even more effect, we coordinate our robot with its coffee maker and kettle, but also with kitchen furniture. It would be a shame to store them in a cupboard and not to take advantage of their decorative silhouettes.

Shine with chrome utensils


The chrome-plated utensils bring light and elegance to a kitchen. Kettle, knives and pots coordinate and harmonize for a refined rendering. Be sure to brick them so that they shine brightly and reveal all their beauty. They have the advantage of being suitable for both a classic interior and a modern kitchen.

Display your jars


Glass jars are intended to replace plastic bags or cardboard boxes in our kitchens. They have various advantages: they prevent food waste, are infinitely reusable and are real decorative objects in a kitchen. You can vary the shapes and sizes, affix a label indicating their content, harmonize or not the covers.

Put your dishes in the spotlight


It is now very trendy to display dishes. Depending on your tastes, you can standardize it or prefer to play on a mix of styles and colors. Plates, glasses and bowls are placed on wooden or metal shelves or in an open or glazed cabinet. All solutions are good for exposing your dishes to everyone's eyes.

Knives on the wall


You can take your knives out of the cutlery drawer and place them on a magnetic support located above your worktop. You will always have them on hand when making your small dishes and can enjoy their wooden or worked handles. You can also place them in a storage space provided for this purpose that you will place on your work surface.

Color with your utensils


Kitchen utensils also surf the trend of bright colors. Choose utensils in bright and current colors that will harmonize with that of your kitchen. Hanging on the wall or placed in metal jars or containers, your utensils will be beautifully highlighted and will bring cheerfulness and style to the room.

Colorful enamel casseroles


You can only succumb to the undeniable charm of these enameled metal casseroles which are tinged with current colors. Here is a unique way to combine modernity and authenticity. These utensils with an outdated aesthetic will bring personality to your kitchen and will not fail to attract the eye. Choose them in various colors for more modernity.


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