Discover the new chalets and garden sheds

Discover the new chalets and garden sheds

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The chalets and garden sheds continue to diversify and have become over time the useful and practical decorative object essential for our exteriors. Garden or secondary DIY space, artist's studio or room to receive guests, garden sheds and chalets today exploit their potential for use, size, shape and materials to the full. Exclusively, discover the new chalets and garden sheds that we have selected.

A gazebo-style garden shed

Karibu A little country air in his garden, a unique place conducive to meditation where it is good to relax ... the gazebo in the form of a gazebo invites serenity and will give charm to your spring days.

A modern garden shed

Castorama We love the ultra modern design of this garden shed. Converted into a rehearsal room, you can practice your art with confidence. From now on, no need to worry about noise!

An arbor-style garden shed

Hesperide Welcome your guests away from summer heat and rain by opting for this sublime garden shed. The classic arbor is transformed here into a refined, geometric product, reduced to the essential, full of lightness. The arbor enhances the furniture it will house without sacrificing the view of the garden.

A unique garden chalet

From the house We like the atypical side of the roof of this garden shed which in this version offers a second youth to the shelters. Thanks to its large central doors, you can bring in lawn mowers or a sofa. You decide !

A garden shed with crazy charm

From the house To store your tools or to make a small artist's workshop, this garden shed can prove to be an interesting choice. With its singular appearance and colors of the house, the shelter invites itself into our garden and gives it a certain charm.

An ultra-resistant chalet

Delamaison Looking for a quality garden shed? We opt for this model! Designed in resin and considered to be the most resistant on the market, it is as well suited to seaside climates as to harsh mountain temperatures.

A colorful garden shed

Leroy Merlin Space for storing tools, cabin for playing small adventurers or corner for tinkering, the garden shed despite its multiple uses must be able to integrate harmoniously into your garden. Here, we put on the aesthetic side and we adopt a garden shed in red color.

A garden chalet for storage

Castorama Ideal for storing your gardening equipment and all your tools, the most of this product is the central glass door which brings real clarity to the space. Designed in northern pine, this garden chalet has the advantage of being environmentally friendly.

A garden shed with enveloping shapes

Karibu Let yourself be charmed by the rounded shapes and the small roof windows of this garden shed. Original and very trendy, you can store all your gardening tools and accessories there.