10 kitchens by the water's edge

10 kitchens by the water's edge

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Happy owners of houses by the water or nostalgic for sea spray, here are 10 atmospheres of seaside cuisine to inspire you. Ready to embark?

White ambiance

Indulgy - VIckys Home

If the color of the raw wood is not to your liking, there is an alternative for your boat hull ceiling. Paint it white for a very refreshing spirit. Sources: Indulgy & Vickys Home

Natural materials

Driven By Decor - Adore Your Place

Basically bet on wooden accessories on the theme of the sea! From the decorative surfboard to the rudder passing by the furniture, everything has been designed with natural materials for a friendly room where everyone feels good! Sources: Driven By Decor & Adore Your Place

Sailor inspiration

Desire To Inspire

A total marine look with this blue and white kitchen! The combination of these two colors will remind you of the ocean and will easily disorient you. Source: Desire to Inspire

A magnificent view

House Beautiful - Moroccan Decorating

Doing the dishes is no longer a chore! With this sumptuous view, you will take pleasure in cleaning. Do not hesitate and install your sink in front of a window to have a good time and get away for a few minutes! Sources: House Beautiful & Style Files

Marine decoration for small kitchen

House Of Turquoise

Marine decor in small kitchens is possible! Failing to put dark furniture, opt instead for sky blue and white furniture to avoid a feeling of suffocation. Source: House Of Turquoise

Up to the lights

Looks Like White - BHG

In bronze or brass, the boat light fits perfectly in your kitchen! Sources: Looks Like White & BHG

Total seaside look

Celia Welch Interiors

Adopt the total seaside look in your kitchen by combining paintings, furniture, marine accessories! Stay in light tones and natural materials. Design tip: the gray color will remind pebble beaches! Source: Celia Welch Interiors

Decorative accessories in ropes

Balancing Home - French Country Cottage

Regarding the accessories, match them with your marine decor! Baskets in braided ropes or table sets to remind the ropes of boats of your cruises. Sources: Balancing Home & French Country Cottage

The marine spirit work plan

Nautica Cottage

Recycled bottles to make a work plan, we don't think about it enough! Touches of blue, white, green to always keep that seafaring spirit that reigns throughout your kitchen! Source: Nautica Cottage


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