20 ideas for using candles in the house

20 ideas for using candles in the house

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1. Accumulate candles to decorate the coffee table in the living room


The candle allows you to illuminate the coffee table in the living room. Collect candles of different sizes and shapes to give life to a delicate and attractive composition to your stay.

2. Mix candle and vegetable note


The vegetal or urban jungle style is part of the trend and precisely, it goes perfectly with candles. Mix branches, flowers and leaves with your candles to decorate with poetry.

3. Candles to match the decor of the room


The choice of candles is varied and available in a wide range of finishes, that's why, you can match the colors of the candles with the rest of your decoration. Thus, they blend perfectly with the decor ...

4.Candles to add color


Are you more discreet? Bring the color into your interior in a delicate way. How? 'Or' What ? By choosing candles in light colors, even pastels. They are perfect for softly bringing a colorful note…

5. Candles with a wooden wick for a natural and ecological decoration


Recently, new candles have emerged, including the candle with a wooden wick. More ecological and natural, it is consumed by emitting a little crackling similar to that of a fireplace. It is suitable for a natural, cocooning or even bohemian decor!

6. Place the candles on the floor for a cozy atmosphere


In lantern, lantern or simply placed, the candles are installed on the ground to help you compose a cozy atmosphere. In addition, their small flame will facilitate your relaxation ...

7. Decorate the centerpiece with candles


Delicately placed on a wooden board, the candles are installed in the center of your table to enhance it. They decorate while bringing a subdued atmosphere during your meals with family or friends.

8. Highlight the balcony table with a few candle jars


As lighting or simple decoration, tealights take place on the table on your balcony. Comfortably installed in candle jars, they enhance the outdoor space.

9. LED candles to decorate the bathtub


The LED candles are an ecological alternative to classic candles often made of paraffin. Almost identical to traditional candles, this type of battery candle perfectly enhances the outline of your bathtub. A nice decor idea for the bathroom. Do not hesitate to incorporate them into other rooms.

10. Install candles in jars for a trendy spirit


Surf on the recuperated spirit and build a cheap decor easily! How? 'Or' What ? Simply by installing recycled jars containing candles. A upcycling decorating tip simple and efficient…

11. Candles to decorate the fireplace


Do you have an unusable chimney frame for making a fire? Add candles at its heart to give the illusion of flames. Play with the accumulation to reinforce this effect, you need at least 10 candles of different sizes so that the result is guaranteed.

12. Use candles for a romantic atmosphere


When you imagine a romantic atmosphere, candles are obvious. In the bedroom, the living room or even the dining room, you can create a romantic atmosphere in which you will love to find yourself.

13. Hang candles to decorate the ceiling


Candles can also get higher… Install your candles in jars and hang them from the ceiling to enhance them. It is a decorative idea to use daily or as part of a wedding decoration, parties or to illuminate the holiday table, while decorating the ceiling ...

14. Candles to dress up a lost space


A house or an apartment is full of hidden corners, rather difficult to decorate. These tight spaces can be filled simply with candles. Simply make a selection of candles and accessories to dress up your lost spaces.

15. Light up the stairs with a few candles


What about the stairs? The steps are easy to decorate with candles. You can opt for lanterns, lanterns, tealight holders or even place the candles as is. It is also a practical tip for lighting stairs.

16. Scent a room with a candle


The candle lights up your decoration, but it also contributes to the creation of a comfortable atmosphere. You can choose scented candles to spread a pleasant fragrance. The scent that spreads into your interior eliminates bad smells like those that we encounter in the bathroom and toilets.

17. Create a warm atmosphere with candles


The vision of fire, even through a flaming wick is very pleasant. So if you don't have a fireplace, you can still warm the atmosphere with candles. They allow you to create a warm style at a lower cost.

18. Dress the shelves and niches with candles


The shelves are storage spaces, but they also make it possible to dress the walls. Firmly fixed, they welcome a few decorative objects, so why not candles? After all, the candles extinguished as lit, allow you to decorate the atmosphere with a warm touch, suddenly do not hesitate to install them on your shelves or in the hollow of your niches to decorate them.

19. Add candles to dress up your entry console


Highlight the console installed in the entrance with a mixture of candles. These fill the console with a light decoration, capable of bringing a warm, more welcoming atmosphere. After all, it's always the first impression that counts!

20. Multiply the candles to illuminate a window sill


Candles also decorate window sills to light up the interior in a cozy way. Play the accumulation card and multiply the candles to highlight the windows. In addition, this sparkling light brings with it a warm comforting atmosphere.


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