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AYTM: the discreet luxury of Scandinavian design

AYTM: the discreet luxury of Scandinavian design

Founded by Kathrine and Per Gran Hartvigsen, this is AYTM, a new Danish brand. It is an elegant and sophisticated version of Danish design that AYTM offers. Discreet luxury and timeless beauty, we fall in love.

Half-sphere and gold vase

AYTM Extreme elegance of this spherical vase with golden edges.

Cushions and materials

AYTM These cushions play with materials for a graphic and so chic finish.

Elegant mirror

AYTM Delicately nested on its black base, this round mirror seems to levitate.

Wood, gold and color plates

AYTM Wood, gold and colored trays that complement each other delicately, between round and square.

Set of roses

AYTM Carpet, cushion, tray ... The elegant and nuanced old rose prevails.

Spherical vase

AYTM After the half-sphere vase, here is the spherical vase. Elegant globes.

Mirror table

AYTM Always playing with volumes and materials, this mirror table is superb.

Carpet, pouffe and material

AYTM A carpet, an ottoman and the same material, beautiful weaving and shades of gray.

Glasses and curves

AYTM Glasses, vases and curves, AYTM is the Danish brand to follow! More info: