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Ideas for decorating doors

Ideas for decorating doors

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In the house, the doors are sometimes neglected on the decorative side! However, there are a few tips that can give them a decorative touch in the blink of an eye. Here are some ideas to inspire and decorate your doors at home.

A staged door

Leroy Merlin To stage your door, you can also choose to paint your door entirely in a color that contrasts with the rest of the room, like these two doors painted in very bright yellow. And to give them breadth, we extend this color in strips up to the ceiling.

A curtain to cover the door

Paragraph Whether it is to conceal or enhance a door, you can use a curtain. Choose a large curtain that you will attach directly to the door so as not to obstruct the opening. For a theatrical spirit, you can also only frame the door with two curtains that you will retain with a tieback.

A door and its stickers

Alinéa To customize a door, you can bet on the stickers! They have the advantage of sticking everywhere and exist in many patterns. For the children's room for example, we will choose colored pastilles which will give a graphic side to the door.

A message on the doors

Lapeyre Doors can become real walls of expression. You can install a blackboard there to write your messages or paint the door with magnetic paint to magnetize decorative letters. You can then leave messages for your whole family.

Magnetic decoration on the doors

Moove Paper To create new perspectives using your doors, you can use magnetic trompe l'oeil. Just install a magnetic adhesive on the door and apply the Moove Paper pattern. Your door will give the illusion of opening onto a living room or an open window.

A revisited door

Beach What if you gave your door a new look? With the Beach stickers, you can dress your doors with a sticker that will entirely take up the space of the latter. You can then transform your traditional door into an English door or a farm door.

A decorative handle

Leroy Merlin To bring a decorative touch to your door, consider changing the handle! This tip is very inexpensive and there are original models both in shape and in color. Here the red of the handle contrasts with the gray of the door for an urban style.

A playful door

Leroy Merlin To make your door turn into a play era, you can fix a small basketball hoop on the upper part. Ideal in a studio or in a teenage bedroom, this tip will appeal to sports enthusiasts.

A touch of color on the door

Dulux Valentine Do not be afraid to dare the color on your front door even in small touches. We really like the idea of ​​repainting only the opening for the mail in the same color as the other walls of the room.

A door that blends in with the decor

Dulux Valentine Another original idea; that of fully painting the doors located in the entrance in the same bright yellow that awakens the walls. Thus, they blend perfectly with the decor.

Slate paint on the door

Castorama Children will be delighted to have in their bedroom a beautiful door covered with slate paint to give free rein to their imagination. An idea to reuse in the kitchen to note the shopping list or a recipe for dinner.

Drawings on the door

Over the colors If you have the soul of an artist, you can customize your wooden front door with whatever comes to your mind. Here, these little figures painted in white create a unique and original work.

A mirror on the door

Leroy Merlin In a bedroom or in a bathroom, the door covered with a mirror can come in handy when preparing. No more false notes before leaving for work!

Little words on the door

Le Pré d'Eau To change small signs, you can use cute stickers to indicate the function of the pieces. With this model, your guests will have no trouble finding the "little corner".

The door and its inlaid patterns

Leroy Merlin To have a door out of the ordinary, it is not mandatory to customize it with stickers or a paint job. You just have to choose one made up of inlaid patterns like these curves which give it an airy side.

A new door handle

Leroy Merlin To give a whole new look to a door, sometimes you just have to change the handle. With this wooden door, you dare both a contemporary metal model and a white porcelain handle to bring a Scandinavian style.

Original wallpapers on the door

Leroy Merlin To wake up a corridor in which the doors follow one another, bet on wallpapers in flashy colors or childish drawings. Everyone can easily find their way around.