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10 original ways to highlight a section of wall

10 original ways to highlight a section of wall

No, you will not be satisfied with a stroke of paint to give volume to your section of wall. Originality first! This is precisely what this panorama offers, which presents many ideas for wall decorations. The objective: to arouse astonishment and surprise.

By improvising an art gallery

Castorama Black and white photographs, drawings by the same artist, paintings in the same style… choose a theme and frame the collection obtained on your walls by playing on accumulation. The art gallery effect will not go unnoticed!

By transforming it into a chalkboard

Fly Increasingly popular, slate paint makes it possible to transform a section of wall into a schoolboy's blackboard. Giving free rein to imagination, expression and creativity, these are now ephemeral drawings and little words written in chalk that set the scene.

Covering it with trompe l'oeil wallpaper

Koziel Knitting, brick, bookcase or landscape effect: trompe-l'oeil wallpapers have the audacity to create a change of scenery and the unusual on the walls while giving character to the room.

By choosing a hyper graphic wallpaper

Castorama After the trompe-l'oeil, another style of wallpaper shakes up our senses and intrigues our visual perception: the 100% graphic wallpaper. Demonstration in image with a Rubik's cube effect model.

By dressing it up with light garlands

Fly Here is another tip for dressing a wall with originality: do not hesitate to hang a pretty light garland on it. As autumn approaches, this solution multiplies the lighting in an unexpected place, all in a most poetic form.

By exhibiting a jumble of images

Habitat Cut out of catalogs and magazines, images of all kinds (from the world of fashion, travel, decoration, advertising, etc.) appropriate the walls in a disproportionate jumble. A simple way to create astonishment and transform a white wall into a stylized facade.

By transforming it into a green wall

Paragraph With the help of supports for plants, pots and planters multiplied as desired, it is easy to follow the trend of plant walls at home.

By daring a bright or flashy color

Leroy Merlin If it is common to repaint a wall in color to give it volume, it is more rare to dare flashy or tonic colors. However, on a narrow wall, this offbeat choice brings a real dynamic to the decor.

By sublimating it with plates

Paragraph No, your most beautiful plates do not only have the kitchen cupboards. On the walls, arranged in a tidy or unstructured manner, they create fantasy and originality. Everything to impress your guests!