W Beijing Hotel, when contemporary style and Asian charm meet

W Beijing Hotel, when contemporary style and Asian charm meet

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Founded by Ed Ng and Terence Ngan, AB Concept is a pioneering and recognized design studio in Asia. Since 1999, the duo has given life to elegant interiors, spread across Southeast Asia, the Middle East and China. Latest achievement by the duo: the W Beijing Hotel. Between luxury, attention to detail and Asian splendor, the editorial team invites you to visit this ultra contemporary hotel.

Corridors with classic charm

AB Concept Once inside the W Beinjing Hotel, you discover vast, soberly decorated corridors: soft carpets and marble floors, soft lighting and silky tapestries on the walls.

Luxuriously decorated rooms

AB Concept Let's move on to decorating the rooms. In a classic and luxurious style, the AB Concept duo has created a space that is both cozy and functional, reflecting a particular mastery of the architectural form, combined with a great attention to detail.

A bathroom open to the bedroom

AB Concept In order to create a certain unity between the sleeping area and the bathroom, the latter is open to the bedroom. It is here that we take the full measure of the innate sense for space and functionality of Terence Ngan, combined with the artistic vocation of Ed Ng.

A spacious restaurant room

AB Concept Let's take the time to admire the layout and decoration of one of the many dining rooms at the W Beijing Hotel. Very high ceiling, this space combines design style and friendly atmosphere. Enough to enjoy good times as a couple, or as a family.

An intimate lounge

AB Concept Between comfortable sofas, colorful cushions, dim lights, and perforated metal screens, this is a space for relaxation, specially designed to recharge the batteries, after a day in the bustle of Beijing.

A friendly patio

AB Concept Arranged in the inner courtyard of the hotel, a soberly decorated patio invites conviviality. Take a seat in one of the cozy armchairs and redo the world over a drink…

A second lounge-style restaurant

AB Concept In a very metropolitan atmosphere, a second dining room has been imagined. Here, discover furniture with clean lines, enhanced by lighting in pop colors. An ideal place to start your Beijing evenings.

A Spa area conducive to relaxation

AB Concept As for services, the W Beijing Hotel has a magnificent Spa area, where you can enjoy massages, body treatments and other sauna and hammam.

A gym with a view

AB Concept And to satisfy sportspeople, the AB Concept duo thought of everything while fitting out a sports hall. All dressed in wood and mirrors, this room is functional and offers a breathtaking view of the Chinese capital.


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