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20 outdoor games to make yourself

20 outdoor games to make yourself

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Tired of seeing your children locked up in front of the TV while the sun is out? And if to keep them occupied, you would make them famous XXL version games for the garden? Giant dominoes, Gargantuan power 4, special kids bowling… discover our 20 ideas for outdoor games to make yourself.

Beautiful hopscotch

Moms crafty space It is difficult to draw a hopscotch with chalk on the lawn. Never mind, paint one on cement slabs. Source: Happiness is Homemade

A homemade sandbox

Nana's Petals This is the classic game for the youngest: the sandbox. Without spending the summer by the sea, your children will be able to make sandcastles in the garden. Source: Nana's Petals

Like at the fair

I Should Be Mopping The Floor If we listened to our children, we would have to criss-cross the country in search of the best fairgrounds. Save gas and recreate some of the most popular games at home. It is enough to repaint a few empty glass bottles. Source: I Should Be Mopping The Floor

Make bubbles!

Learning and Exploring Through Play Small bubbles are good, very large bubbles are better. Fill a large tray with dish soap and water. Children will just have to dip their hoop in it to create beautiful bubbles. Source: Learning and Exploring Through Play

Outdoor dice games

The Sits Girls Does your family love dice games? Make it by painting large wooden cubes and play in the garden! Source: The Sits Girls

Mini Bowling

Handmade with Ashley Using a few wooden planks and small skittles, create a miniature bowling alley for your children. Source: Handmade with Ashley

A natural tic-tac-toe

Chicken Scratch NY Rather than letting your kids play tic-tac-tops on their phones while they are slumped on the living room couch, create one on a slice of tree trunk. All you need is a marker and a few painted stones. Source: Chicken Scratch NY

A giant scrabble

Constantly Lovestruck On thick cardboard squares, draw the letters of the alphabet and let yourself be tempted by a game of giant scrabble! Source: Constantly Lovestruck

A country bowling alley

Rock My Wedding / David Long Sometimes it takes little to have fun and succeed in the activities of your wedding. The proof with this bowling alley revisited with repainted cans and a tennis ball! Source: Rock My Wedding

A flashy matching game

Studio DIY Usually we play it on the table, but the XXL version matching game is organized on the grass in the garden! In flashy version, it will seduce young and old ... Source: Studio DIY

A Koob game for the whole family

Let's Get Together To make this Koob game without spending a fortune on wood, collect scraps and make your pieces inside. Source: Let's Get Together

A girly horseshoe throw

Design Love Fest Want to give a girly spirit to the traditional game of "horseshoe throw"? Fastoche with a little pastel-colored bomb. Source: Design Love Fest

A Power 4 that does not go unnoticed

The Home Depot Patience, good DIY skills, and a lot of equipment will be needed to make this giant Power 4 game. Source: Home Depot

A giant Mikado game

I Heart Naptime Do you want to start making this giant Mikado for your little blond heads? Equip yourself with bamboo plant stakes and color bombs… that's it! Source: I Heart Naptime

Dominoes to play in the grass

So You Think You're Crafty Sublimes these large wooden dominoes! They will be perfect for launching a giant party in the garden on a birthday or even as entertainment at a wedding. Source: So You Think You're Crafty

A champion Ker Plunk

Amy Vowles So that they have fun in the garden all summer instead of hanging around the house, transform your children's Ker Plunk game into a giant version that is much more user-friendly. Source: All Parenting

A Jenga for Gargantua

Lemon Thistle To make this large Jenga, cut out 54 identical pieces of wood and then sand to avoid splinters. Then it's up to you! Source: Lemon Thistle

A special kids obstacle course

Ashley Ann Photography For their birthday or simply for this summer, imagine in your garden a real obstacle course strewn with trials! Source: Ashley Ann Photography

A bowling alley for the little ones

Jennifer Perkins Customized plastic bottles for bowling, a big foam ball to replace the resin ball, and here is a special kids bowling game that throws! Source: Makezine