Bleu Nature presents New Design 2012-2013

Bleu Nature presents New Design 2012-2013

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Bleu Nature is launching its new New Design collection. For 2013, the craft company from northern France is counting on creations that are both hybrid and organic. Presentation.

Scenography <>: seats <>

Bleu Nature ### Comfortable natural wooden seats? Bleu Nature has decided to embark on the creation of small pieces of lacquered and driftwood sofa, dressing up a sleek white living room or balcony.

Scenography <>: chandeliers <> and chandeliers <>

Bleu Nature ### Represented like pretty snowballs, the chandeliers at the ends of driftwood and in driftwood rings hang harmoniously from our ceilings.

Scenography <>: the chandelier <>

Bleu Nature ### In the dark, the chandelier in the form of sea pebbles gracefully illuminates our interior and exterior rooms.

Scenography: the coffee tables <>

Bleu Nature ### Driftwood and riveted steel merge to create coffee tables that are both mutant and elegant.

Scenography <>: coffee tables <> and armchairs <>

Bleu Nature ### The association of lirelasuite TIGHT coffee tables with armchairs invites you to relax and enjoy life. Arranged on a large terrace, you can enjoy a cozy atmosphere to perfection.

Scenography <>: sconces <>

Bleu Nature ### For our outdoor summer or Indian summer evenings, the wall lights designed in beech and black lacquered steel, diffuse a dim and veiled light on our terraces.

Scenography <>: the chandelier <>

Bleu Nature ### Made of driftwood and black satin, this chandelier hung on the ceiling of a terrace, renews with real grace the exercise of recovery.

Scenography <>: slats of petrified wood

Bleu Nature ### The raw and mat aspect of the petrified wood slats gives the outdoor terraces a Zen and natural atmosphere.